Father Wears Short Shorts To Teach Teen Daughter A Lesson.

If you’re a dad with a teenage daughter, you tend to worry about her a lot. You worry about the friends she hangs around with, or where she goes when she’s not home or… most definitely… the guys she goes out with. If you’re a dad, all those are pretty much givens. That’s just the way it is and probably always will be. But there is also something else a dad can be extremely concerned about when it comes to his young daughter. And THAT would be the clothes that she chooses to wear.

Jason Hilley is just one of those dads. He’s a bald, bearded, brawney kind of guy and he sure looks like he could hold his own if there were any problems, especially someone messing with his 14-year-old daughter, Kendall. But now Kendall is at the age when she wants to wear skimpy clothing while she’s running around. And that doesn’t go over real well with her dad.

Lately, Kendall has decided that wearing short shorts is the way to go. It may be what all other girls her age are wearing, but it drives her dad nuts. Way too much skin, he tells her. But she keeps wearing them. So Jason came up with an idea, maybe a twinge of self-deprecating creativity that might… just might… make a point.

So one day, as Kendall was galavanting around the house, Jason knocked and walked into her room. He had made his OWN version of short shorts. And, yes, they were short. His wife, Allison, took a video of him walking into his daughter’s room. And the surprise on Kendall’s face is priceless.

He props up a leg. He sticks out his rear-end, giving it a firm slap. And he makes the most of showing off his hairy gams. Then, he tells Kendall that he’ll be picking her up from school the next day while wearing them. Kendall, of course, is laughing, just as much as her 8-year-old brother who is watching all the silliness.

Posted by Jason Hilley on Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Says Jason: “We joke around a lot, but Kendall knows when my jokes are serious. Kids will be kids and try to push the limits. That’s when I step in and try to correct the behavior with a little bit of humor. You don’t have to yell and scream and punish to get a point across.”

So will Kendall alter her dressing behavior? Hard to say. But it’s almost a certainty that the next time she slips on those short shorts, she’ll think of her dad. And maybe that alone will be just enough to make her change her mind. 

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