Father’s Advice To His Teen Daughter On How To Handle Men.

Peter Johns of Greater Manchester, England, used to sit at his 9-year-old daughter’s bedside at night and read aloud Harry Potter books. Meg loved those for her bedtime stories. Sadly, that bed was in a hospital, as Meg was suffering from a rare and aggressive cancer, and doctor’s told her parents she would not survive.

But sometimes, it’s actually a GOOD Thing that doctors can be wrong. Meg DID survive because of a bone marrow transplant from her brother. And two years ago, that little girl who was once crippled with cancer was now a healthy woman preparing to turn 18. It was a milestone age that nine years earlier was thought impossible for her to reach. But there she was… all grown up and looking forward to celebrating her big day.

Peter wondered what to get her… jewelry, clothes… nothing he thought of really seemed all that special. So he thought about it some more. And he thought long and hard. Then he realized the best possible thing he could give her as she officially became an adult… would be a life story and some advice.

While writing that story and advice, it actually took on a life of its own… and became a book. And that book is called, “How To Live.

Some of the book explained how he felt so powerless when Meg was a young girl with cancer. He opened up about his frustrations, and what he considered his fears and failures as a father. He wrote about love… he wrote about sex (which is always best with someone you love); he wrote about alcohol… the good and the bad of it; and he wrote about failures in life… that it’s okay and even good to make them because eventually success happens from them; and he wrote about taking every opportunity you can.

Meg was thrilled that her father actually had a book published just for her, and she shared it with her friends, who loved it and shared it with their friends. After a while, those 12 copies of the book that Peter had ordered from a publishing company just were not enough, so he had to order more… and then, even more.

Finally, the book was picked up by another publisher, and the heartfelt book written by a dad to his daughter was making its way all around the world. Not bad for a guy who had never written any form of story in his life, because all his life, Peter had been a banker.

But he was a banker who cared enough for his daughter to give her something more than jewelry or clothes. That daughter who doctors didn’t give a chance of survival many years ago. Peter gave his daughter the best possible thing he COULD give her…. in the written word…himself. 

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