Father’s Special Meals For His Daughters Goes Viral For The Right Reasons.

43-year-old George Georgievski, of Melbourne, Australia, took over lunch-making duties from his wife a couple of years ago. It would be one less thing she had to stress about.

But George didn’t just want to give his young daughters regular school lunches that were boring and showed signs of laziness on His part. He wanted them to look forward to eating lunches that not only looked good, but would also be nutritious.

Many of the lunch ideas he searched for on the Internet were just as lacking as a typical lunch packed by a typical parent. And George DID NOT want to be typical. So he went off the charts and devised his OWN lunches, which are actually colorful – a key part to not being boring – and are nutritious.

Says George: “Variety is the key for my girls, by exposing them to different fun food they’ll be more willing to try more and make the most of the amazing foods this world has to offer.”

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