Fiance Immediately Goes To Her Workplace When She Didn’t Answer His Call.

Source: Reddit

My fiance and i have been and lived together for several years, engaged for almost 1. We both work and recently I started a new job. For the first few months the hours were 9-5, the same as his job, and this week my hours switched to 11-8 (with a longer break).

I definitely told him about this but sometimes we forget things. I teach children art, so while I have my phone on me for emergencies I’m not actively checking my phone.

The new job is great but there’s one employee at the business next door who gives me the creeps. I expressed this to my fiancee once or twice.

Monday, when I didn’t come home by 5pm he sent me a few texts asking where I was. After several hours of not answering he got worried and drove by my work to make sure I was safe. He saw me inside (giant front windows to the studio) working with the group of kids, was relieved, picked up burritos from our favorite place and waited for me to get home. We ate burritos in bed and he told me seeing me with those kids, he couldn’t wait till we were a family.

Few days later and its still making my heart sing so I thought I’d share it with you all!

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