Fiance Told Tight Black Dress Is The Reason Why His Drunk Pal Tried Kissing Her.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be in love. And, like any other relationship, there are ups and downs. But, the most vital aspects of a good partnership are love, respect, understanding, and communication. The relationship in this narrative appears to be lacking in respect and understanding. Read the article to find out what transpired between these lovers and your thoughts on what she should do.

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My (23) fiance (33) got engaged a few weeks ago, after dating for a year and 4 months. He is a nurse so gets pretty busy while I am a law student and used to be a part time model. Here is the problem, whenever I drive him to meet his friends or family he always wants me to keep what I study under wraps and not tell anyone as apparently “what you study makes me seem unmanly”, whatever that means.

He also has a problem that I used to model, apparently I was “showing myself to the world”, when I know for a fact he approached me because he liked my appearance. So whenever we go to a family getup he tells me to dress down.

So recently, it was his birthday and he threw a huge party at his parents house. He invited some of his friends, his family and me. Its theme was formal, so I dressed up in a simple tight black dress and went to the party with his present. Throughout the party he was glaring at me saying I was “overdressed”. But the last straw was when one of his friends tried to kiss me out of the blue, and pushed him away and screamed.

Needless to say the party ended shortly after that and when I was leaving he told me “I was asking for it”, and that made me snap. I shouted at him calling him condescending and misogynistic and said his friend ( who is 37 BTW) is at fault. And I threatened to break it off.

When I left, he texted me saying he’s willing to give me another chance as he doesn’t want to let me go. But I told him to piss off, then he called me an a**h**e. Should I reconsider this relationship?

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