Firefighter called out to car crash finds “beautiful” daughter dead in the wreckage

Arriving on scene and seeing someone you care about wounded or in jeopardy is every emergency responder’s greatest fear.

That was the awful scenario Adrian Smith, a 47-year-old firefighter from the United Kingdom, found himself in when he was summoned to a vehicle crash and discovered his daughter, Ella Brooke Smith, 21.

The father and daughter had said their goodbyes earlier that day, before Ella went off on a vacation to the shore. Adrian, meantime, was on duty with his firefighting squad when he received a report about a vehicle pile-up and accompanying fire on a country road later that day.

The collision happened in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, when three cars collided. Adrian discovered his daughter was among those involved when he arrived with his crew.

Ella, a trainee nurse, died at the scene, according to police, while three others were critically hurt.

Adrian posted on social media after posting a photo of him and Ella dancing at a family celebration when she was little that they are completely saddened at losing their precious Ella. She was a devoted daughter, sister, and granddaughter. She was a lovely young lady who will be missed by all of them. They would like to thank all for their help at this difficult period. It has meant a lot to the entire family as they mourn for their Ella.

Ella’s family friend stated that one can’t fathom how Adrian must be feeling. Finding out your own child is a victim is every emergency worker’s greatest fear. They are a wonderful family. Ella was a lively young lady with a bright future ahead of her.

Ella, rest in peace. A beautiful, youthful spirit unfairly ripped from the world.

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