Fisherman Accidentally Catches Mommy Shark But Then Did Something AMAZING.

Fishermen are adventurers, for sure… especially out in big waters. And some of those adventures are quite amazing, and here are 10 stories of the fishermen.

1. Michael Orlov, who was fishing off the coast of Barwon Heads in Victoria, Australia, accidentally caught a shark after it had been killed in a fight with another shark.

When he pulled the 8 and a half foot shark onto his boat, he noticed there was something moving inside its stomach. He had the sense it was a female shark that was pregnant, and when he carefully cut into, he discovered shark pups… and more than just a few. There were 98 of them.

Says Michael: “It was a very overwhelming feeling when they started popping out, I got this adrenaline rush. I was just dumbfounded there was so many, we counted 98.”

He released them back into the water. Their mother, however? Michael and his family ate her.

2. The San Columbia crew had its nets FILLED with jack mackerel… 30 tons at least. It was a huge catch! And the skipper was THRILLED! But with that huge catch near Tauranga in New Zealand were six dolphins. The crew tried desperately to clear the dolphins from the net, but all their actions failed.

Finally, after nearly an hour of fails to safely release them, the skipper made the decision to drop the nets entirely, releasing everything being held by them. That huge catch of jack mackerel was gone.

Despite losing the big catch, the skipper and his crew were praised for their sacrifice to save the six dolphins. The fishing company that hired the crew to catch the mackerel, Sanford Ltd, also said the skipper did the right thing.

A spokesman for the company said: “Sanford supports the skipper and believes he did the right thing in saving the dolphins and all the fish. Costs comes second in a situation like this.”

3. An unnamed fisherman found a big gem 10 years ago off the coast of Palawan Island, Philippines. He thought it was really cool, so he took it home and kept it as a good luck charm under his bed in his rundown, wooden home.

The gem was actually a pearl… a huge, strange-looking 77-pound pearl.

A fire in his home forced him out, but he saved the pearl, and ultimately gave it to a tourism officer. That giant pearl is worth more than $102 million.

4. In 2014, fisherman Stephen Garnett reeled in a waterlogged camera from the bottom of Lake Tahoe. Amazingly, its photos were still intact.

It had been lost by Jana LeVetre three years earlier while sailing on the lake. Stephen’s wife, Jamie, made it her mission to find the owner by posting a couple of pictures from the camera on Facebook.

Jana’s daughter actually came across the photos of her mom and told her about it. And she was overjoyed that her photos… something she never thought she’d see again… had been recovered.

Jana connected with Jamie and the memory card was soon in the mail.

5. Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Roekke was a former fisherman… and he loved the ocean. And he wants to save it. So he’s giving most all of his fortune away to build a state-of-the-art ship to perform marine research.

The ship would remove up to five tons of plastic daily from the ocean and melt it down. It will also include sea and air drones, an auditorium and enormous amounts of lab space.

Hopefully, we can see that ship sometime in the near future.

6. One day in 2014, Chinese fisherman Cai Tu caught a 200-pound sea turtle in his net. And, judging by its shell, that turtle was more than a hundred years old.

Cai was impressed by the animal and nicknamed him “Hulk.” But instead of selling Hulk to a restaurant that would have paid him handsomely for it, Cai chose to let the turtle back into the sea.

Says Cai: “Sometimes you have to do the right thing.”

7. Much of the plastic items used by India’s 1.3 billion people finds its way into the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. But fishermen in India’s state of Kerala are battling that as best they can.

Instead of fish, fishermen are being urged to catch as much plastic as they can and bring it back and out of the waters.

These Indian fishermen take plastic out of the sea and use it to build roads

Take a trip on the plastic highway. Read more:

Posted by World Economic Forum on Thursday, 28 June 2018

In 10 months, their plastic catch was 25 tons. The plastic is then converted into a material used for road resurfacing.

8. Leo Fernandez has been a fisherman nearly all his life in and around Sweet Home, Oregon. And while fishing one day, he reeled in something a little different.

Dave Wolfe was a friend and co-worker. While fishing a few weeks earlier, Dave lost his wallet, and he told Leo about losing his wallet when the two ran into each other at work.

Two weeks later, Dave asked Leo if he wanted to go fishing with him. Leo agreed, and the two hit the waters. After a while, Leo pulled in a catch… but it was a wallet. It was DAVE’S wallet. The odds of this happening? Probably a million to one.

9. A South American Magellanic penguin was close to death on an island beach near Rio de Janeiro. But fisherman Joao de Souza discovered the animal and nursed him back to health.

Incredibly, that bird remembers Joao and returns every year to visit him. And the two give each other a whole lotta lovin’.

10. A Kiribati policeman was stranded at sea for an unimaginable 15 weeks. Toakai was lost in the Pacific Ocean in a small wooden boat. He was with his brother-in-law, who died during that time from dehydration, and Toakai was close to that himself.

Then, the shark came. It started circling the boat, and Toakai was scared. Would this be his end? But the shark started nudging at the boat. The shark nudged Toakai’s boat in the direction of a fishing boat, and he looked up and was able to get the crew’s attention. Then, the friendly shark… something you don’t hear too often… swam off. Toakai was rescued a very short time later. 

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