Florida babysitter put child in dryer, spun him around, deputies say

A Florida babysitter was arrested on kid misuse allegations after allegedly putting a four-year-old boy in the dryer and turning it on. Amber Chapman, 35, was arrested on Saturday by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office after she was blamed of placing the child she was caring for into the laundry machine.

The event was revealed on February 1 when the kid arrived at UF Health Leesburg Hospital’s emergency department with “grape-sized” bruises on his head, face, back, and tummy. When physicians questioned what occurred, he said “Miss Amber” had put him in the dryer with towels and that he was twirled around.

When police were called, they interrogated the child, who gave them the same story: she placed him in, shut the door, and he “went round and round,” according to the arrest affidavit. He claimed she opened and then closed the door, and he “went round and round” once again.

According to a medical assessment, it’s unclear whether the child’s injuries were caused by a clothes dryer, but the intensity of the wounds and the positions of the wounds on the back, face, forehead, and ears are compatible with being caused by something similar. The rationale was not mentioned in the affidavit.

Chapman was charged with severe child abuse, a first-degree crime. She was freed after posting a $15,000 bail.

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