Forgotten Anniversary Saved By A Sweet Tweet On Social Media.

Back in July, 61-year-old Dave High celebrated the 35th business anniversary of his health food store in Fresno, California, by putting cupcakes and drinks out on the sidewalk for passersby. And he sat there with them, just waiting for people to show up and celebrate with him. Sadly, though, no one showed up.

Then Kayla Jackson, the wife of a security guard at one of the other stores in the area, noticed that Dave was sitting all alone, and no one was even giving him a look. So she posted about it on Twitter, and soon, people started stopping by, and then more people.

Within 2 hours, Dave’s store was full of people eating cupcakes, drinking drinks, looking around… and congratulating him on his big milestone. And it all brought a big smile to his face.

Oddly, Dave had never even HEARD of Twitter. 

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