Four teens are suspicious of guy carrying intoxicated woman and trust their guts to follow him.

Four young skateboarders are Arnaud Nimenya, James Hielema, Starlyn Rivas-Perez, and Carsyn Wright.

They are also being lauded as heroes for their courageous acts in rescuing a young woman from an attack.

The four skateboarders were hanging around in the Chinook Mall’s subterranean parking lot.

They were simply hanging around, riding their boards, and generally minding their own business, as skateboarders typically do.

The youngsters believed the man at this point, although they were still apprehensive about the scenario.

Then they saw something that didn’t set right with them.

They saw a well-dressed guy carrying a young woman who looked to be inebriated and distressed.

She was screaming and shouting. She simply wanted to get out of there. She was all scuffed up and dirty, one of the skateboarders, Wright, claimed.

The man was questioned by the four buddies.

The guys were unsure what to make of the scenario, so they interrupted the man and asked him several questions to find out if the woman was safe.

The man stated that he would contact the woman’s father to arrange for a trip home.

One does not want to imagine the worst in someone like that. One doesn’t want that circumstance to be real, so one brush it aside and hope for the best, Wright explained.

The scenario, though, remained unpleasant to the lads, and they were not about to accept it.

The lads rode away for a while, but then chose to come back to check on the issue.

When they returned, the male was sexually abusing the drunken girl.

He had her in a stairway, bent over, and it was absolutely terrible, Wright explained.

When one goes in and witnesses something like that, one freezes. One has no idea what to do, Nimenya remarked of his initial response.

He was attempting to go out and away from them, Nimenya explained. He shoved him forcibly out of the way and simply smiled, like, ‘I can do this.’ You have no control over it.’

Despite the fact that the scenario was potentially perilous, the four brave young guys acted quickly.

Three of the youngsters pursued the man, while the fourth remained with the sufferer.

When the youngsters caught up to the man, a violent altercation ensued. The guy grabbed one of their longboards and attacked the three youngsters.

Fortunately, police arrived shortly after and captured the guy.

The police intended to reward the guys for their courage, but the youngsters were first hesitant to talk with the cops.

Obviously, this is usual skateboarding behavior, but they would ultimately collect an honor from Chief Const. Roger Chaffin at the Chief’s Awards Gala.

These courageous young guys are true heroes, and a young girl is safe as a result of their efforts.

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