Genius Husband Acts Sympathetic When Wife Calls From Jail And Begs For Forgiveness.

(This story was sent to us by Cooper).

Source: Reddit

My 1st marriage was to a woman with bipolar syndrome (highly not recommended). When she was medicated she was awesome but she finally convinced herself she didn’t have a problem and stopped taking her medication. I dealt with a lot over the years with her fake pregnancies, affairs, and lots of lies..

She could never keep a job for more than a month or 2. She would get a job and tell me how much she loved it for the 1st month or so and if something would happen they would fire her and she would blame everybody but herself.

While in between jobs I would find some of my items going missing movies, collectibles etc. I thought it was her but I had no real proof. Finally she opened her own business doing house cleaning, she was a neat freak who was very obsessive and good at cleaning. Despite her condition she was very charming and likeable and soon had a large client base.

I thought things were getting better. I was very proud of her, she was even bringing home more money than I was. Then came the night that she didn’t come home. I was frantic. I kept calling her phone, no answer. I finally got a hold of her sister who said “I want to start off saying it’s not my fault….”

Turns out when my wife showed up to her 1st client to clean, there were police officers waiting for her. Apparently my wife was not only cleaning her clients houses, but cleaning out their jewelry boxes, purses and other valuables. I finally got a call from her that night from jail. She’s crying begging for my forgiveness. I try to be sympathetic. She tells me they’re going to let her out the next day on her own recognizance.

The next morning around 7 AM I’m walking up to a knock at my door I answer and find 2 uniformed police officers and a detective standing outside. I apologize for being in my underwear and let them in. They search our apartment high and low and ask me a bunch of questions, I am honest with them.

My wife finally gets home later that night once again apologizing profusely. At this point I’ve decided in my heart that I’m done. I don’t let her know yet of her violent outbursts but decide to plan with my family to move myself out of the apartment when she’s gone one day. The 1st day of her trial arrives. She wanted me to come along for moral support but I had gotten the flu that morning. I was vomiting into the sink while she’s screaming at me that I’m not being supportive of her, making my decision to leave much easier.

My plan was to wait till she was sentenced and then move out while she was gone avoiding any fights, But she kept getting extensions on her trial, So one day while she was at work at her new job I called my father and brother over and we quickly packed up my stuff, As fate would have she forgot something at home and showed up when we were half done loading my stuff into the trailer, She started screaming and crying wondering why I was leaving her then jumped in her car and sped off.

I moved back in with my parents and started digging, turns out she wasn’t only stealing from her clients, she was stealing from me and my parents when she would come over to visit. My mother told me that she had been missing some gold jewelry from her childhood but didn’t want to point fingers, I myself upon going through my items unpacking discovered my entire collection of 12″ Star Wars figures that I had collected for years was nowhere to be found (I found out later she had put them on craigslist for a fraction of what they were worth).

I also found out that she opened up an eBay account in my name, took pictures of my nephews Nintendo Wii (during this time Wii was hot) And “sold” it to multiple people then never sent it out, She pulled the cash before eBay could do anything.

Que the revenge. Here comes the fun part. Despite her being a thief I on the other hand had worked retail security for 21 years. It’s my business to catch thieves to hunt down scammers so she picked the last person she should have messed with.

Turns out my ex wife stopped showing up for her court dates and moved out of our apartment, she vanished. The courts couldn’t find her. So I started digging and found out that she moved in with the ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine. So I opened a fake Facebook account under a random name, and I became friends with her new roommate. She openly began talking about my ex as her roommate, confirming that she lives there. I told her that I had a bunch of Twilight promo merchandise (which they loved) I wanted to send them. She happily gave out her address.

I called that county sheriff’s department and informed them that I knew where a fugitive with warrants was hiding out. They showed up and arrested her on Valentine’s Day. She ended up spending the next several months in jail while going through her trial, she was convicted of 5 felony counts of theft. And ended up being sentenced to 8 months in prison.

I don’t want to speak bad of her but I feel really bad for the people she victimized, It turns out some of the jewelry she stole from some of her clients belonged to parents or grandparents long gone momentos that these people should have had of loved ones that of loved ones that she stole to make a quick buck.

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