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George Strait’s Only Granddaughter Celebrated 6th Birthday — She Supports Grandpa At His Concerts.

George Strait is a father of two children and grandfather of two grandchildren. He has only been married once, to Norma Strait, his wife of fifty years.

On September 10, 2022, George Strait’s granddaughter celebrated her sixth birthday. Tamara Strait, his daughter-in-law, shared a photo of the birthday girl on social media and wrote a touching tribute.

The adoring mother shared a snapshot of her daughter, who was dressed in a pink and purple glitter outfit with her hair wrapped in a plaited ponytail. Jillian smiled towards the camera, holding a plush rabbit.

The Strait family’s youngest member posed in front of helium balloons with the words “Happy Birthday” written on them. She was standing on a beige and red carpeting.

Happy Birthday, Jilliann Louise. You bless us beyond measure with your witty personality and love for your family. Being…

Posted by Strait Luxury – Tamara Strait, Realtor on Saturday, 10 September 2022

George Strait Jr. and his late daughter Jenifer Strait are his children with his wife of 51 years, Norma Strait. Jenifer, their first child, was born a year later in October 1972, after the couple married in 1971.

George Jr., dubbed Bubba, their second and youngest son, came nearly 10 years later in 1981. George Jr. is married to Tamara, his wife of 12 years, and they have 2 kids, Jillian and George Strait III (Harvey).

George III has the same name as his grandfather and, like him, is a cowboy. The Walmart commercial for George senior’s studio album, Cold Beer Conversation, featured him, his son, and his grandson sitting on the front porch wearing cowboy hats.

Tamara uploaded a photograph of her kid clutching a crossbow in December 2017 and claimed it was a holiday gift- Sighting with my son’s @parkerbows crossbow, which he received for Christmas. This is something he could do all day.

In February 2020, the devoted mother wished her kid a happy eighth birthday in an Instagram post that included a photo of George III dressed in cowboy boots, a hat, jeans, and a purple shirt. He was photographed on a horse ranch.

His mother uploaded a snapshot of him fishing when he turned nine in February 2021. George III was pictured seated on a camp chair with a fishing rod in his hand, facing away from the camera.

Likewise, George Sr. happily announced the arrival of his second granddaughter (his grandson’s younger sister), Jillian, on the George website on September 10, 2016. Her mom raved over her grandchild on social media when she became four years old- “God blessed our family with Jilli. She has made our family complete!”

Tamara published a lengthy article in which she expressed her love for her baby while thanking “God” for gifting her with a daughter. The mother of two posted a photo of her sleeping newborn, who was wrapped in a bow.

Jillian became five years old in September 2021, and her mother paid tribute to her with an Instagram photo that only showed her from the side. Tamara praised her daughter, describing her as a youthful, bold, and quiet woman with compassion and a great sense of humor.

“Happy Birthday, Jilli! You are shy yet bold. You are sensitive yet funny. You make this world a better place. God has big plans for you,” she penned a letter. The real estate agent went on to say that she can’t wait to see what the world has in store for her little child as she grows older.

Tamara recently disclosed that Jilliann attended one of her grandfather’s shows. She shared a photo of the child on her Instagram Story, where she was eating at the event while wearing a denim jacket with embroidered accents. Tamera captioned the photo, which also included concertgoers, “”She stole my jacket.”

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