Girl Gets Special Notes In Her Lunchbox After Dad’s Sudden Death.

Love and care has no bounds and generosity can come from all corners we all need to make that one extra effort in making this world a loving and hospitable place for everyone around us, and here are 10 stunning surprises given to kids by their classmates.

1. A 6 year old girl’s father from Tampa, Florida died tragically after being stung by a wasp. Amelie Clarke’s dad John Clarke was just 53 when he died. For a week the child was not going to school after the incident. Amelie’s mom Julie Clarke had this beautiful way of making Amelie’s day special by putting a colourful note in her lunchbox to read.

“She would bring the lunch notes home and I’d take a picture and I always thought I could make a book when she graduated college or high school,” Julie Clarke, 45, told ABC News. “I knew I wanted to have a record of these notes I’d make for her.”

But on May 01st, their lives turned upside down after Amelie’s dad passed away. What started off as a mother’s initiative to bond with her daughter, soon turned out to be a community wide effort with colourful notes pouring in from friends, family and other students.

Each note received by the Clarke family is a note of encouragement for the little girl to be strong during this sad phase of her life.

2. Phinehas Wiley, a sixth grader at First Immanuel Lutheran Church & School in Cedarburg, Wisconsin was being treated for Crohn’s disease at the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, was blown away when his schoolmates re-routed their field trip to deliver hugs and get well soon cards to him.

In the visit to the hospital Phinehas’ reaction was “I can’t believe they all came. That was so nice of them. They didn’t all have to come”.

This small gesture helped to energise Phinehas after his surgery. It’s just one of those things that you would hope other people would do for your own kid if you were in the same boat.

3. A teenager at Somerset High School in Texas experiences the magic of Christmas. J R Gilbert a student with special needs was stunned when his classmates all pitched in and got him brand new sneakers for Christmas.

His fellow Somerset students raised money to surprise the teenager. Gilbert exclaimed his joy when he opened not one but two boxes of sneakers. He told everyone that they were his favorite kind and also his favorite color.

Somerset HS Students Surprise Classmate with Christmas Shoes

***** UPDATE***** We found out from JR's family that he does have shoes that fit him, but he refuses to stop wearing the boots of his beloved grandfather, since his grandfather can no longer wear them. JR was wearing the boots (size 10 1/2) the day he told the boys that he really needed a size 13! But that's how all this Christmas season of giving good cheer got started!! ***************************** Feeling the Holiday blues? Not after you see this clip. Somerset HS student JR Gilbert wears size 10 shoes, but his foot is actually a size 13. So fellow Somerset Bulldogs students raised money to surprise JR on Friday, December 15 with not one but TWO brand new pairs of sneakers that are the right size for Christmas! Grab a tissue… because THIS is the Magic of Christmas! 🎅🏼🎄 #BulldogNation #GiftOfGiving

Posted by Somerset ISD on Friday, 16 December 2016

Gilbert had earlier been wearing size 10.5 boots whereas his size is really 13. It turned out that Gilbert had been wearing his grandfathers old boots.

Gilberts mother Linda said that this is something he wanted and these boys granted him that wish.

4. Marlee Pack a 9 year old student at Meridian Elementary School in Broomfield Colorado has been away from school for weeks due to her chemotherapy. To support Marlee and to ensure she is not the only one in school without hair, around 80 students either donated their locks or shaved their heads on stage at the “BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, GO BALD” event in school.

The March 16 event helped raise $25000 at St. Baldick’s Foundation which supports Childhood Cancer treatment research. Along with the students, 3 teachers and even the principal shaved off their head on stage.

Seeing this Marlee said “I didn’t think that many people would shave their heads, but I feel good about going back to school and not being the only bald one”.

Marlee was incredibly touched by her schoolmates gesture and said “ its just amazing because they all shaved their heads for me. I just want to say thank you”.

5. Zack Ruediger a student of Hermann High School in Gasconade County lost his father just before his graduation. Fellow graduation seniors of Ruediger who received their diploma money handed over the principal amount to Zack. He took the money without being aware of the fact it was for him.

Ruediger said “I kind of felt gratitude towards everybody but embarrassed about what I did,” The deputy superintendent for the school district said students raised more than $800 and another $500 came from Zack’s employer.

The students step up each time when the time comes. It’s tradition at Hermann High School for students to hand money to the principal as they graduate and the money is donated to charity however this time they gave the money to Zach as he needed it the most.

6. Jack Pemble, Jake Burgess, Gus Gartzke, Tyler Jones, and Landon Kopischke decided to help James Willmert who has special needs as other kids in their class teased him.

Jack said the students used him and took advantage of him, because he’s easier to pick on, and it’s just not right,” Burgess, who appears to be the leader of the group, made an imposing presence as he accompanied James at the lunch line and to the table where they ate. The group vowed to keep a close eye on James, and to protect him from any would-be bullies and if need be, to lay down the law.

This made a huge impact on James he not only eats his lunch but also goes outside for recess. He is very happy now.

7. Tamara Rowsell was born with a rare genetic disease called Donohue syndrome. The symptoms include high levels of insulin, stunted growth, and organ and tissue problems, and is often fatal. She wasn’t supposed to live past the age of six months. But in 2017, the 17-year-old from Gambo went to her senior prom.

Donohue syndrome is extremely rare — occurring once every four million live births — and people born with it usually die very young. She usually wears a backpack to carry her feeding tube. But on her graduation day she wore her favourite colour purple, paired with a tiara and sparkly silver shoes — in size 2 and, a special purple purse, made up of leftover fabric from her prom dress.

Her father said It’s the next step to watch her be an adult, and seeing how she’s going to make these challenges through life. But we’re quite happy and we’re going to be right by her side the whole way, For the Rowsell family, it’s one day at a time.

8. A six year old in Bosnia is a deaf student and to make things worse he does not know any sign language. Mirzana Coralic’s son Zejd spends most of his days silently sitting in school since his classmates can’t communicate with him.

Prior to attending Sarajevo’s Osman Nakas primary school, mother and son tried to learn sign language but Zejd was simply not interested. Then another parent in the school had a suggestion to make “why don’t all the kids in the first grade class learn sign language together?”

Although the law in Bosnia requires all schools to administer individual programming for students with disabilities and special needs, but in reality things are very different.

From the support of donations received by parents, the school could afford to carry out these special classes and the teacher Anisa Setkic-Sendic says how motivating it is to see others insist on communicating with Zejd.

9. Fifth grade students at Mackenson Elementary, Michigan have shocked their beloved classmate with a Christmas he’ll never forget. Brennan Draves is 10 years old and is blind, which means learning new things at school can be very challenging.

With the help of, his classmates were able to raise 7000 dollars and bought Brennan a braille note computer, allowing him to read, type, email and most importantly learn. Disbelief. Gratitude. Excitement. Struggling to express himself, the 10-year-old called it the best Christmas gift he has ever received. It was not something that his parents could afford to get him.

Brennan’s mom Lindsay said that it was something that they maybe could’ve got him when he went to college, she was thrilled and very emotional seeing what these kids were able to pull off.

Brennan’s teacher Mcmartin said “I couldn’t believe it,” “The generosity from this school and community completely blew me away.”

10. Ohio’s Mason High School witnessed a tragic event with the death of a 15 year sophomore Kwadwo Boateng. Kwadwo was positive and full of energy, he always wanted to make people laugh, he always wanted to talk to everyone, no matter who it was, remembered by his class mate Michelle Crispin.

His suicide and death came as a shock to those who knew and loved him. To honor their classmate’s memory — and reach out to other students who might be struggling — five students from MHS took it upon themselves reach out to their classmates, with notes of encouragement, support and kindness.

Michelle along with her classmates Erica, Anna, Ellie and Jessica took it upon themselves to do something about it. They spent eight hours on Tuesday evening writing thousands of supportive messages on post-it notes and put it up on all the student lockers and teachers desks.

Wednesday morning the students at Mason High were touched by seeing such lovely encouraging and heart-warming messages on their lockers.

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