Girl Hides Love Notes For Her Parents To Find After Her Death.

Losing someone close to you is extremely difficult. I’ve gone through it and I know many of you out there have too. But occasionally, something is done that brings those who passed to the forefront of our minds, and here are 10 stories of people who have died but left something very special for a loved one.

1. It’s totally unfair when a young child dies. No matter the cause, no matter the reason. And if that child is someone in your family, you just wanna shake your fist at the sky and cry “Why?? Why???” And the answer never comes. And you’re branded deeply with the kind of sorrow that never goes away.

But even in her short life, little 6-year-old Elena Desserich wanted to do something for her parents to make the hurt less hurtful, and maybe even give them a smile or two. Elena was diagnosed with brain cancer and given just four months to live. News that would certainly crush any parent.

Elena could see it in them, so she decided to spend much of her remaining time writing special notes to them and hiding them around their house. She wrote and drew pictures on hundreds of them, and cut out many of them in shapes of hearts. Elena lived about twice as long as doctors believed she would, before the cancer claimed her little body in 2007.

After she was gone, her parents, Keith and Brooke, started finding those special notes to them between CD cases, in bookshelves and dresser drawers and even in their backpacks.

They will always live with the hurt of losing their little girl, but each note they found felt like a little hug from her. And they were able to smile… just a little… through that tremendous pain.

2. Johnny wanted to be a musician, and he would often joke to his dad about being a big guitar player some day. Then, two months before Johnny’s 16th birthday, his dad passed away.

So today is my little brothers 16th birthday, and his first birthday without our dad. But, dad was always filled with…

Posted by Chandler Mae Crow on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

When his 16th birthday came, Johnny’s sister drove him to a nearby music center and she gave him a birthday card from their dad. Then, the staff at the music store presented Johnny with a beautiful guitar… the one his dad had saved up just enough to buy before passing away.

And him receiving it. ��

Posted by Chandler Mae Crow on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

3. When a man turned 30 in 2015, he was really surprised to get a certain birthday card. It was from his dad, and it was special 30th birthday card, with his dad signing it “Love ya, Dad.”

That man’s dad died in 1999, and he had picked out the card to have it given to his son 16 years later.

4. In Iowa, David Schmitz, who was now in a new romance after having lost his wife Brenda to cancer a few years earlier, was brought to Radio Station KSTZ, which has a segment that carries out special Christmas wishes to listeners.

Host Colleen Kelly then read a special letter from David’s departed wife. It read: “‘When you are in receipt of this letter, I will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer. “I told (my friend) that once my loving husband David had moved on in his life and had met someone to share his life with again, to mail this letter to all of you at the station.”

She then asked that David’s new love, Jane, be treated to a spa day. She asked that David, Jane and her family be given a trip to somewhere nice, like Disney World. She also asked that the medical staff who took care of her be treated to a night out, full of drinks and fun.

David was visibly touched by the letter, and the radio station was able to grant every single one of those three wishes from Brenda.

5. In Tennessee, Bailey Sellers lost her father to cancer five years ago, just before her 17th birthday. But just before he passed, he prepaid a flower shop to deliver flowers to Bailey on her birthday over the next five years.

Well, this past November, for her 21st birthday, Bailey received the last of those flower arrangements from her father. Bailey posted about it on Twitter, saying she missed her dad so much. Her post was shared thousands of times.

6. Paul Flanagan was a teacher, who died of cancer in 2009. And he wanted to leave something more than just fading photos of himself for his two children, Thomas and Lucy, to remember him by.

So, when he learned that his time was limited, he didn’t waste any time. He wrote them letters, got them birthday presents, filmed himself and put in on DVDs and he filled a large chest with his favorite books, with each containing a special note to his children on why he enjoyed it. He also left them a list of 28 instructions to live a good life. And it was basically, how he lived his own life.

Said his wife, Mandy: “I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to know that our children will grow up with a real understanding of what made Paul, Paul.”

7. Four days after Richard Schultz died, Roberta, his wife of 41 years, received a special package in the mail. It was a fruit basket. And she just loved fruit baskets.

And it had a note attached to it that read: “Hi Honey, I made sure our girls will always take care of you. Please let them love you and help you through this time. Find happiness through our memories, our children, and our grandchildren. Don’t cry for me, for I am waiting for you.”

But after reading the note, Roberta couldn’t help but cry. It was the sweetest thing, she thought.

And she said: “Richard was the best man in the world.”

8. In Casper, Wyoming, Shelly Golay will receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers every year on Valentine’s Day for the rest of her life. Her husband Jim made sure of that.

In early 2014, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. And, with only a little time left, he contacted a local flower shop and set up a plan for Shelly to receive flowers every single Valentine’s Day. He did this so she would always remember just how much he loved her.

But Shelly did not know he had done this until she received her first flower arrangement and called the flower shop to ask who sent it. A worker there told her what Jim had done, and Shelly, as well as that worker, were brought to tears.

Says Shelly: “It was true love, and you just don’t find that very often.”

9. 6-year-old Leland died of a rare infection, and as his heartbroken parents struggled at home to find some clothes to bury him in, they found something special.

It was a note written by their little boy. It said: “Still with you. Thank you Mom and Dad, Love and Good Bye.”

10. Antonio Vargas Jr. of Orlando got a stuffed monkey this past Christmas. Well that was little silly, since a boy of his age was well past playing with stuffed animals. And he seemed a little bothered by it when he pulled it out of the box.

But this was a very special stuffed animal. Because when Antonio pressed it’s paw, his mother’s voice came out of it, telling him that she loved him. His mom died last July, but before she did, she recorded several expressions to tell her son that she loved him. And his father later had those recordings put inside the stuffed animal.

This past Christmas morning, when Antonio heard his mom’s voice coming out of it, he hugged it like a 4-year-old hugging his best friend… and tears streamed down his face. And now, no matter how old Antonio gets, he will never be too old to take that stuffed monkey with him wherever he goes, so he can always hear those sweet words from his mom.

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