Girl Mistakes The Bearded Man As Santa Claus.

Christmas is a time for family and for all of us to come together in peace and harmony. And it can be a very magical time, and here are 10 stories of amazing things that happened at Christmas time.

1. While shopping in a mall, a man named Roger was approached by a little girl. With his bushy white beard, the little girl was convinced he was Santa Claus.

And although Roger could have told the girl that she was mistaken, he played along with her, kneeling down telling her that he was told that she had been a good girl this year.

Then she told him she was going to leave him cookies when he visited her at Christmas. It was a great moment for the two of them, as well as the little girl’s parents.

Sophie found Santa at Walmart this evening. She saw him then kept sneaking up on him. She asked him if he was Santa at first and if you turn up the volume you can hear the rest. So cute and innocent. I love this!!Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Posted by Robert Riley on Wednesday, 9 December 2015

2. In England, little Alfie and Lily were told by their mom Ruth Stevens that they could open one present early, and they were thrilled.

It was a really big present all wrapped up, and their mom told them that an elf had delivered it to them during the night. And when they opened that big present, it was the best gift they could have received… it was their dad, Naval engineer Scott Stevens, who was given an early leave from his commander to spend Christmas with his family.

3. Last year, 18-year-old Julia Zharichenko, of New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, had a very special Christmas present for her stepfather to open on Christmas morning.

When John Moore opened the gift and removed all the fancy red paper covering it, he found a scroll tied in a ribbon. Unfurling it, he realized it was an adoption paper for Julia. He broke into tears and hugged Julia. He then signed the papers and looked forward to having Julia as his official daughter.

4. 2015 was an extremely warm Christmas in Richmond, Virginia, and it was pretty unlikely there would actually be a White Christmas. 70-something degrees was hardly the right weather for that. But Kourtney Smithson really wanted a white, snowy Christmas. So her new husband, Trevor, wanted to make that happen for his bride.

It didn’t hurt that Trevor worked on the special effects team for the AMC Revolutionary War series called TURN. While Kourtney made breakfast, Trevor went out and sprayed their entire front yard and house with artificial snow from the snow machine.

Kourtney’s wish came true… she got her white Christmas… and she loved it.

5. Ashley Sistrunk of Colorado was really bothered that her husband, Brandon, would be stationed in Iraq for Christmas. But she thought of something very creative to bring her and Brandon and their children together for the holidays.

She had him to get someone to take a picture of him holding a sign that said “Merry” and act like he was kissing off to the side.

For Ashley’s part, she had someone take a picture of her holding a sign that read “Christmas” and acted like she too was kissing, as her children trailed behind her.

With a little bit of photoshop magic, Ashley was able to blend the two photos and make it look as though the entire family was together sharing the holidays.

6. In London, a Muslim-owned restaurant was giving away three-course meals to the elderly and homeless people.

Posters at the restaurant read: “We are here to sit with you on 25 December, so no one eats alone.”

Several people commented on the kindness of the owners to do this, with one person saying, “What a lovely gesture; a restaurant that gives something back instead of merely seeing Xmas as a time to cash in.”

7. In October of 2015, Andy Haworth, who was known in his town as “Mr. Christmas,” was told that he had terminal cancer, and would only live another 12 weeks at the most. But Andy was determined to have another Christmas with his wife and three children, even if that meant putting up his Christmas lights on Halloween.

After his neighbors in Cheshire, England, found out about his condition, they organized a street party in his honor, and all the houses had lights go up long before Christmas.

It was a good time had by all in the neighborhood. Good memories with good people. Andy actually did survive through Christmas that year before dying just over a week later. He was 49 years old.

8. When a man and a woman find out they’re expecting a child, they usually want to tell the world. But Ben and Hannah Hinders did the almost unthinkable… they did not tell anyone in their family or any of their friends about it, deciding instead to surprise all of them with a little baby girl at Christmas time. Can you imagine that?

They stayed away from their family and friends for almost 10 months… then showed up on their doorsteps at Christmas proudly holding their bundle of joy. Everyone had quite the shock and many tears of happiness were shed.

9. For Christmas 2016, 5-year-old Bella Wiles of Hampshire, England, didn’t want any presents. Yes, you read that right. A 5-year-old who didn’t want presents. Instead, Bella asked her family to buy gifts for the homeless.

And on Christmas day, she helped cook meals for the homeless.

She was inspired to do this while on a family outing the year before, when she observed a homeless man. She is now known in her town as the “guardian angel.”

10. A little deaf girl in England got up into Santa’s lap to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. But she could not talk very well at all. So Santa asked her mother, standing nearby, if she could sign.

When the mother said yes, Santa started communicating with the adorable little girl through sign language to find out exactly what he could bring her on Christmas Day. And she signed back to him to let him know.

Another magical moment, brought to you… in any language… by the jolly old elf himself. 

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