Girl Shaved Head To Support Her Friend Fighting Cancer Gets Barred From School.

In Grand Junction, Colorado, 9-year-old Kamryn Renfro shaved her head to support her good friend Delaney Clements. Delaney suffers from cancer, and lost all of her hair through chemotherapy treatments. And Delaney was really happy that she received such support from Kamryn, because Delaney was feeling all alone, with the stares and the laughs.

You know It’s bad enough someone has cancer. It’s bad enough they have to endure those horrible chemo treatments. And then you throw in the laughs and the stares…. Well, it’s certainly enough to bring a strong man down, much less a young girl. So Kamryn wanted to show Delaney that the least she could do was to cut off her hair, and she, too, would take on the looks and pointed fingers from others.

It was a kind gesture from a good friend. But Kamryn’s school leaders at Caprock Academy did not appreciate it. Matter of fact, they disapproved of Kamryn cutting her hair so much that they expelled her until she either wore a wig or grew her hair back.

They said it violated their dress code. And it didn’t matter WHY she cut her hair off… they were just not going to stand for it. But a short time later, the school gave in and let Kamryn come back to school with her shaved head.

I would assume the bad publicity from their actions had quite a bit to do with the reversal on their initial decision. 

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