Girl Through Her Lemonade Stand Raises $2k For Veterans.

Some years back, Sammie Striker was an 8 year old in Saginaw, Michigan and was selling lemonade from her driveway for a dollar a cup. It was a good way for her to make money, and it was even better what she was doing with all that money. She was donating all of it to the VA Hospital in Saginaw.

But for the past couple of years, Sammie has been selling her lemonade right in front of the American Legion Post 439, and those who were buying it were NOT just paying a dollar for the cup of lemonade; they often were giving Sammie 10-dollar bills and 20-dollar bills. And Sammie was racking up quite a take for her lemonade…. all to be given to the VA Hospital.

Last year, Sammie managed to raise about $1,500 by selling 65 gallons of lemonade. But this year, she was shooting for $2,000. And she made it, presenting a check to the hospital in the amount of $2,111.

Said Sammie of the VA Hospital officials: “They said that we need more people like you in the community because we can take all the help we can get for the hospitals and because there’s a lot of people that need help.”

And Jeffrey Wendt, an official with the VA Hospital, said he was thrilled with the incredible work of the young girl.

Says Wendt: “It’s a great message to other students and other young people to be as generous and as hard working as she is.”

And just to let all of you know, Sammie has set $5,000 for her goal next year. 

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