Girl Who Just Turned 22 Did 22 Acts Of Kindness On Her Special Day.

When someone is preparing for their 22nd birthday, a big party comes to mind…. maybe not as big as your 16th, when you can get a driver’s license, or your 18th, when you can cast your first vote in government elections, or, maybe especially, your 21st, when you can legally buy alcoholic beverages… and legally be… obnoxious. I know… I’ve been there. The “obnoxious” wears off around age 40… for some, anyway.

But Hillary Sadlon, a Seton Hall University student, spent six months preparing for her 22nd birthday. There would be no party. Instead, Hillary planned to do 22 acts of random kindness.

So in July, Hillary set out with her best friend Meghan on a 2-state, five city, 10-hour goodwill tour, where she would donate blood, deliver supplies to an animal shelter, load an elderly couple’s car with groceries, help drivers pay their expressway tolls.

They bought doughnuts for policemen and passed out balloons to special needs children. And they did many other kind deeds. It was a kindness adventure for the two young women.

Says Hillary: “When we were done, we were in the best mood you could ever imagine. And that’s what I wanted for my birthday. Your birthday is supposed to be a happy day. That’s what I was. Making someone else smile makes you want to smile.”

Hillary added one other thing, saying: “I truly believe you have two hands, one to help yourself and one to help others.”

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