Girlfriend Abandoned Me & Our 5 Year Old Daughter, Now After 10Yrs She Wants Her Family Back.

Being in love is the most lovely sensation in the world. This man felt he had someone to look forward to sharing all of life’s ups and downs with and to start a family with. But when he discovered the truth about his lover, his entire life altered. Read the story and do you think this man should give her another chance?

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My story begins 16 years ago, when I met Lucy. She was an amazing girl, intelligent, beautiful, fancy, funny, just the greatest girl I ever met. I felt so lucky when we started dating. And after a year into the relationship, we had a baby. I was living the dream, living with my girlfriend, raising our little daughter, and being a happy family. I loved Lucy so much, and after some years, we were finally getting married.

Our daughter was the most excited one about the wedding, she was going to be the flower’s girl. Everything seemed to be perfect. Until, one day, when I was heading back home, a guy wanted to talk with me. At first I believed he may want to sell me something, until he mentioned Lucy. Politely, he asked me to talk in a private place. He then asked me to please stop everything about the wedding and step back, because he and Lucy wanted to be together. I didn’t believe him, until he started to tell me a lot of details about her that would be impossible to know.

I returned home as fast as I could, I didn’t want this to be true, and told her about it, hoping it was all a mistake. But, no, it wasn’t. The next hour she told me everything. She has been cheating on me for the last 2 years. She told me about how all the times she said she loved me, that she wanted us to be together and she loved our family, were all lies. How her new man was younger, stronger, handsome and a better lover. She said that she didn’t wanted to be tied to me, how she lost her freedom for being a mother and she didn’t want to be a wife, that she wanted her freedom back. The final stab was when she said she was happy that I finally knew, and now she was able to leave.

I cried, begged, humiliated myself and got on my knees, asking for another chance to try to fix our relationship, but she didn’t want to, she wanted the thrill and excitement that this new guy made her feel. By the next day, she left us.

I felt broken, humiliated, emasculated. But my daughter needed me. She was heartbroken, her mother left, and she believed it was her fault (she heard when Lucy said she didn’t want to be a mother anymore), she needed me, and I needed to be strong for her. Fortunately we had help, my family and Lucy’s family supported us in any way possible, her parents were so ashamed of their daughter’s actions that they couldn’t look me in the face without apologizing for everything she did. I will be in debt with everyone forever for all their help.

Fast forward, 10 years later. After lots of time and therapy, my daughter and I are living happily. She is the light of my life. A beautiful 15 years old lady who I love. Our wounds are healed and we have a very good life.

But then, she came back. When me and my daughter were getting back home, we found Lucy in front of our apartment, waiting for us, wanting to talk.

I recognized her immediately, and I would like to say that I did something cool, like ignoring her, asking her to leave, or at least be hostile with her. But no. I’m an idiot, my heart skipped a beat the moment I saw her. She still was beautiful as before, but somehow, she looked even better, maybe the age makes her look mature and elegant, maybe the dress, or the make up, I dont know, but I let her in, while our daughter gave us some space and went to her room.

She told me everything she has done since she left. Basically, she lived with that guy for some years. She said how much she enjoyed it, all the fun she got and how she believed those were the best years of her life, until she noticed that the excitement of that new relationship was fading slowly, and at some point, she started to cheat on that guy too. According to her, she wanted to feel alive and excited.

Eventually, that relationship ended, and she started dating other guys. Every relationship became shorter than the previous one, until she only had casual hookups. She also said that sometimes, she thought about us, our family, but she said she was too proud to admit she made a mistake, until last year. She got covid and it hit her really hard, yo the point that she believed she would die, and realized how alone she was, how stupid she was, and the mistake she made so long ago.

After all of that, she said she regretted everything she did and said, and now she was ready to marry me, and be the family we always meant to be.

When she was done I asked her to leave, to give me some time to think. She accepted, saying she would be back the next day. For years I dreamed about her coming back, and now it was happening. But it just felt wrong. Since then, she visits almost daily, wanting to talk about the best years of our relationship, and how we could be a happy family again.

I asked for help. To my family, to my friends. Most of them said I would be making the worst mistake of my life if I took her back. Others said that I could give her a chance. It took me a lot to heal, and some more time to start making new relationships, and I would be risking everything.

One night, my daughter and I had a deep conversation about all this. I always try to involve her in every part of our life, and this issue concerns her too, because is her mother. Sometimes she surprises me by being so wise and mature, because she told me “can you really love someone that hurted us so much?”. And that was everything I needed. I would never forgive myself if I let her hurt my daughter again. And I said that to Lucy.

If she wants to be around, or have a relationship with our daughter, I’m ok with it (only if my daughter wants it), but I told her we are not getting back. Lucy only said that she would make me fall in love with her again, and that she would not give up. What Should I Do?

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