Girlfriend Stood By Him Despite His Serious Illness.

What would you do to show your partner that you have true love for him or her? and here are 10 stories of women who prove that true love still exists.

1. In Thailand, Atitaya is standing with her 21-year-old boyfriend, Pooh even though a severe eye cancer is spreading across his face and head.

And she recently posted on social media: Third anniversary, love the same.”

Doctors have no therapy or cure, but Atitaya and Pooh are still holding out for a miracle.

2. Travis Sweet was born with only a 25 percent functioning kidney. His girlfriend of only 10 months, Taesha, found out she was a match for Travis so she decided to give him one of her kidneys. That HAS to show a great deal of love for a person.

So after they both healed and Taesha threw out the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals game, Travis dropped to a knee and proposed to her.

Says Travis, “I thought it was a good time to thank the person who saved my life, and hopefully have the rest of my life to thank her for what she did.”

3. It’s not too often you can say a woman truly loves you when she cuts your throat… but this is quite the exception.

50-year-old Isak Bester was enjoying some awesome barbeque at a cookout in New Zealand when, all of a sudden, he started choking on it. Others started patting him on the back, then someone tried the Heimlich maneuver on him. He was still choking, and now, he was purple.

So finally, as a last and pretty terrifying measure, his girlfriend, Sarah, grabbed a steak knife and sliced open his throat. She saved his life by doing so.

4. Back in 2016, Taylor, of Indiantown, Florida, LOVED spending time with Josie. She loved their time together so much that she wanted Josie to be her girlfriend.

So she decided to keep a journal, detailing all of their time together. Then she asked Josie out on a date and handed her the journal to read.

On the final page, she asked Josie to be her girlfriend.

5. Say you loved everything about your partner, but a terrible car accident changed everything about them. Would you still love them as much?

Ian and Larissa of Pittsburgh had only been together for 10 months, but they loved each other very much and planned to marry sometime in the near future. Then, Ian was in a horrific car accident and both of their lives would change dramatically. Ian suffered a severe brain injury. He could not talk or even communicate in other ways. And he was no longer the man Larissa knew.

But instead of skipping out on Ian and finding another man, Larissa still only loved Ian. A short time later, after getting permission from a judge, Larrisa married that man she still loved. And she promises to take care of him for all her remaining years.

6. Darren Sisk of Vancouver, Washington, had long promised Crickett, his girlfriend of 10 years, that he would marry her. Then Darren suffered a perforated bowel while being treated for cancer.

With an unsuccessful surgery to repair it, doctors gave him only a few more days to live. So, his final wish was to marry that girl that had been his best friend for so long. And with that, Crickett, in a wedding gown at Darren’s bedside, married her true love.

7. Some 12 years ago, Emmy Abrahamson found herself sitting on a park bench in Amsterdam next to a homeless man. Emmy was a successful writer and, at 30 years old, had great promise for her future.

Little did she know that that homeless man sitting next to her, who was an alcoholic with no shoes and no income and lived in a bush, would soon become someone very special for her. They had a brief conversation on that bench. Then, they met again, and had longer conversations.

Before Emmy knew it, she was falling in love with Vic, a man she described as the funniest, happiest person she had ever met. And, even though it was very tough, Vic gave up his drinking for Emmy and turned his life around. And then, they married and had some children.

Sometimes you don’t find love… IT finds You….

8. In Monroe, Oregon, Larry Ragsdale was quite an athlete in high school, and he and Kelci were high school sweethearts. When they were 20, Larry bought Kelcie a ring and was going to propose to her during a trip to Disneyland. But a drunk driver plowed into Larry’s car one night and left him in a coma.

After a few months, Larry came out of the coma and had to deal with three years of surgeries and grueling physical therapy. He was paralyzed, but he never forgot about the woman he loved. Probably because she was there with him every step of the way… helping him and loving him just as much, if not more, than before. When Larry was able, he finally proposed to Kelci.

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