Goldie Hawn pays powerful tribute to Olivia Newton-John with a heartwarming star-studded old video

Goldie Hawn and Olivia Newton-John have age gap for merely three-year and have happened to meet each other at numerous occasions. As the news report of Olivia’s demise came to the public knowledge, Goldie Hawn sensed the loss deeply as well. To illustrate her compassions, she decided to post a video to offer her honour to the late Olivia Newton-John.

Goldie shared a video with Olivia at the 1990 benefit for Mothers and Others For a Livable Planet. Goldie and Olivia were joined by Better Midler, Meryl Streep and Cher while singing ‘What A Wonderful World’ together.

The video is fairly pleasing as some of the main female in the industry adorning the stage together. Goldie took to share this delightful video with a note of her own. She said that a bright light came on earth 73 years ago. She further said that Olivia’s singing carried us to such blissful heights and nothing held her back. She said that Olivia’s mind was robust and brave and her light will stay to shine and will never glimmer.

Goldie certainly respected the expertise and wisdom Olivia Newton-John took to her work and made certain to offer her honor to the fabulous actress.  

Followers were extremely grateful of how Goldie shared such a touching note on the demise of Olivia.

Kate Hudson, Goldie’s daughter was also a great follower of late Olivia Newton-John. Kate too posted a praise to the fabulous singer and performer. She shared a clip of her singing ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’. 

She wrote that Olivia was one of the few persons in her life who encouraged her to sing. Kate further wrote that Olivia was a motivation to her as she fancied of what her life ahead may be.

Obviously, the mom and daughter treasured the performer and musician and will sense her loss seriously.

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