Grandma Goes Viral As She Serves As The Flower Girl.

Grandmothers do so much. They are always happy to be with their grandchildren and they are thrilled to do things for them. It’s especially nice when those grandchildren return the favor and show them just how much they care.

Usually, a flower girl at a wedding is some little princess who’s barely bigger than the basket of flower petals she’s carrying. But Laura wanted someone else to be the flower girl at her wedding.

Actually, she could think of no one better than her grandmother, Helen Catherine Kavanagh, who has 11 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

And when Laura asked her grandmother if she would do it, Helen just melted. At 95 years young, it touched her heart.

At first, though, Helen thought Laura was kidding her, then she said, “No, grandma, I’m not. I want you to be my flower girl.”

And Helen now considers it the biggest thrill she’s ever had in her life.

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