Grandma Had To Carry Her Grandson Down The Stairs Everyday. But Then Someone Did This.

A simple act of kindness can go a long way, and when you do something special for someone, it can come back to you in ways words just can’t describe.

Vinita Booker has a labor of love. It’s her grandson, Kristian, who has cerebral palsy. And every day, Vinita will carry her 13-year-old grandson down her porch steps and put him in his motorized wheelchair. She has that kind of strength because Kristian is her baby.

A TV feature story on her doing this wonderful deed caught the attention of the public. It also caught the attention of Bill Willman, who owns Paric Construction. Vinita never wanted any sympathy for doing what she does for her grandson, and she never complained about it. But Bill wanted to make her time with Kristian better… and easier on her. So Bill’s company has started building a ramp from her porch, and several have donated materials to get the job done.

Says Bill: “Right the second I saw it, and knowing the struggles they were going through to get that done, I thought ‘I don’t understand what the big deal is. we’re going to go there and talk to them and get a ramp on the back and get him, so she doesn’t have to carry him down those steps anymore.”

Vinita is very thankful for what they are doing for her. Now she won’t have to strain to get her grandson where he needs to be. Because a construction company owner and some others are working together in a great act of kindness. 

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