Grandmother Discovered The Girl Had Cancer After She Gave Her A Hug.

Grandmothers are great aren’t they, and they sure love their grandchildren, but grandmas can even help to save lives…and you thought they were just for pinching your cheeks and getting that goopy red lipstick all over your face. Here are 7 stories of grandmas who saved lives.

1. Hey, you know how grandmas are… always wanting to hug and kiss on you when they visit. Well, for little Hope Faraday of Longridge, England, that proved to be a life-saving gesture.

When grandma Mavis Whitaker hugged on Hope when she was only 2, Mavis, a retired family doctor, could feel a lump in the little girl’s stomach. Hope was taken to the hospital and it was confirmed that she had a tumor in one of her kidneys.

The kidney was removed and Hope had to struggle to survive. But now, Hope is a teenager and has won several dancing awards.

2. In Nottingham, England, one grandmother has come up with a way to slow down speeding motorists on her street for safety reasons. And it’s actually a very simple idea, but it works wonders.

64-year-old granny Jean Brooks takes her hairdryer and points it at drivers whizzing down her street, and, believing it’s a radar gun, they slow down… a lot.

A video showing her doing this has racked up more than 12 million views.

Here's one hair-raising way to stop speeding bikes 🌬⛔🚲

Posted by BBC Radio Nottingham on Friday, 2 June 2017

3. In Moody, Alabama, 2-month-old Wryn Graydon was diagnosed with a rare kidney disorder, and would need a new kidney when she was old enough and strong enough.

In steps her 62-year-old grandmother, Carol Graydon, who was a match for the little girl. When Wryn was 2, the transplant was performed. It was a success, and both Wryn and Carol are doing just fine.

4. A 20-year-old woman was attacked by a crazed, knife-wielding man in an England supermarket a few years back, and was pulled to safety by 54-year-old grandmother Bonnie Brown as security guards tackled the man.

Bonnie pulled the legs of the severely injured woman to get her away from her attacker. It was a horrific scene. The woman had been stabbed some 20 times by the man, and many of those wounds in her neck. Hopefully, that woman pulled through.

5. One day, in Salem, Oregon, a 62-year-old grandmother arrived back at her home to discover her beloved pet, a 3-year-old bearded dragon, floating unconscious in his tiny pool.

So she immediately began chest compressions and performed mouth to mouth on him until he opened his eyes and began moving again.

Now this wasn’t just a quick fix. She had performed CPR on the little guy for at least 30 minutes before he came back to life.

6. A Nigerian grandmother went through hell and back when her daughter died shortly after giving birth and her grandchild’s father was abducted by insurgents.

Aisha was forced to flee with her granddaughter without food, and she could only breastfeed the little girl to keep her alive. Obviously, it had been many years since Aisha herself was able to produce breast milk, so it took quite a while for the milk to start to flow from her.

Eventually, and very fortunately, Aisha found a clinic that was able to help her and her grandchild.

7. In Amarillo, Texas, eighth-grader Cassidy Blankenbaker was visiting her grandparents when something terrible happened. Cassidy was at a gas station with her grandmother, Sharrel Blankenbaker, when a man with a gun grabbed Cassidy and tried to get her into his truck.

Immediately, Sharrel got between the two and started yelling the man to get away. He shot the woman, and Cassidy was able to free herself from the man’s grasp.

Sadly, Sharrel died from her injuries and young Cassidy remembers her as the “greatest woman in the world.”

By the way, the man who grabbed Cassidy and killed her grandmother, 58-year-old Gary Don Carner, died later that night in an exchange of gunfire with deputies. Justice was quickly served.

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