Grandmother Gives Her Engagement Ring To The Waiter To Propose.

Sharon Heineman is a grandmother, and she was having dinner at a restaurant with her two sisters in Concord, New Hampshire last April before heading to a Pink concert in Boston. Well I’ve been to a Pink concert, and it was great! And it was going to be a great time for all of them. They were all so excited. And their waiter, Mateo Gomes, was excited for them.

Sometime during their dinner, one of the ladies asked Mateo if he had a girlfriend. Turns out he Did… Her name was Maria, he said, and she worked there at the restaurant too. And he told the women at the table that he had plans to propose to Maria but he could not afford to buy her a ring.

But in that instant, with hardly any thought about it at all, Sharon took off her OWN engagement ring given to her so many years ago and handed it over to the love-struck Mateo.

The young waiter was shocked by Sharon’s kindness. So he did something that NONE of them would ever forget. He called Maria over to the table with Sharon and her sisters, got down on one knee, and proposed right then and there to Maria. The young woman broke out crying and told Mateo, Yes!

Sharon was extremely happy to help the young man and her sisters were very proud of her act of kindness. The restaurant took care of the three sister’s bill and all of them were invited to the couple’s wedding. Probably about the only thing I can think of to TOP a Pink concert. 

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