Grandpa Was Incredibly Proud When She Told Him About Her Daily Habits.

Source: Reddit

Today my Grandpa died after an awfully long disease, going on for 10 years. Something close to Alzheimer. He also got COVID-19 a few weeks back, but he survived. He got another pneumonia, and he survived. He was so weak they couldn’t even give him food anymore. Today he died. We haven’t seen him since February because of the emergency, but the nurse told us he was serene when it happened.

Almost 11 years ago I was in a hotel room, at the seaside city where we always spent our summers. I was with him and my great grandma. I was 9 years old. Out of the blue, he asked me if I washed my face with cold water in the mornings. Before being able to answer, my great grandma said that for a girl my age it was better to wash it with room temperature water. I said that I always washed it with cold water.

And he was so proud. So incredibly proud. I don’t think I have had someone looking at me that way ever again. After he got sick, I did my best, worked hard and obtained some good results in my life, but he has never been able to see me: and most of what I accomplished, happened because of him. He would have been so happy. I like to think he would have been as proud as when I told him I used cold water to wash my face. I like to think he would have looked at me with those eyes and I would have felt that special feeling again.

Grandpa, I love you dearly. I always will. You did not deserve all the pain you had to endure, and I’m sorry I could do nothing to prevent it from happening. I’m sorry I moved away and did not visit you as often as I should have. I regret it deeply. You have been an amazing man, and an amazing grandpa. I promise that I’ll always wash my face with cold water. Even when it’s autumn and the breeze is chill, and you were smiling among the chestnut leaves.

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