Groom asks if he was wrong to kick bride’s Maid of Honor out of their wedding.

It’s normal to be angry with one of your fiance’s pals, particularly if they make the wedding preparations tough. Is it ever proper, though, to approach your bride or groom-to-be’s ‘mean’ friend without first informing your fiancee? When this man felt mistreated by his fiance’s Maid of Honor, he told her right away, when he should’ve just remained out of it. This irritated groom pondered if he is right/wrong for threatening to remove his wife’s maid of honor from their wedding? What do you think? Let us know after reading the whole story.

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My fiancée and I are getting married next year, I recently proposed and we decided to get planning early.

My fiancé had this friend named Alice, I don’t like to use this word, but Alice is a huge bi**h. She hates me for no reason. Like literally no reason. When I first met her and my fiancée’s other girl friends, she was very cold to me and was very clearly disapproving of me and multiple times asked my now fiancée why the hell she’s with me.

I think it’s partially because my presence caused a big change in my fiancée’s life. She used to be a bit more loose with her morals, partied a lot, drank more, hooked up a lot, and these are all things that Alice still does. I also think part of her is jealous and angry that Alice found herself a good man.

So at our engagement party, Alice was not happy at all. She would glare at me across the room, wouldn’t have fun, and was trying just to bring the mood down.

Eventually my fiancée and I spoke to her. My fiancée was then pulled away by another girl. I decided then was a good time to settle things. I told her that my fiancée chose me, not her. I said she needs to get over her silly little grudge towards me. I reminded her that it was my wedding and that I could have her out of it so fast, and I knew my fiancée would do it as, once again, she chose me over her.

Alice was visibly pissed and upset. I moved on but the damage was done. Alice told my fiancée what I said and she told me I was being a huge di*k and needed to apologize. I said that I would after Alice did, she refused. I was accused of being passive aggressive and rude

My fiancée is convinced I was the a**h**e and Alice is innocent. Did I go too far here?

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