Groom Tells It’s Her Fault When Complained She Didn’t Enjoy Her Own Wedding.

Weddings are occasions to commemorate a significant commitment to unconditional love. Some like to keep a bit of rules in their weddings. For example, colour code, pay for one’s food and even maybe child free. Here is a wedding where a bride states she didn’t enjoy her own wedding. Read the story to know what happened.

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I met my wife almost 2 years ago through some common friends. When I met her she was heavily pregnant with her ex boyfriend’s child but her ex wanted nothing to do with her and the kid and dumped her. We got together a bit after she gave birth and I loved the baby like my own. The kid has just turned 2. Later on she got pregnant with our child and gave birth 6 months ago. I had proposed to her during the pregnancy and started planning the wedding straight away.

While planning the wedding I made it clear how I’d like a kid free wedding but my wife was against it because she loves the vibes kids bring to weddings. She’s also from the balkans so having kids at weddings is very important to her because weddings are usually family oriented in her culture. We eventually came to a compromise and only allowed kids over the age of 10. She wanted to bring our kids as well but I told her I’m against that because who’s going to take care of them? She said our parents will help us out and I told her I am not going to ask my parents to babysit instead of having fun at my wedding. She said I’m being really unfair not trying to find a solution with her and how important it is to her to include our kids to the wedding. I told her she’s the one who wants them there so it’s on her to find a solution.

Her parents had said they’d help her out with the kids but they ended up enjoying themselves during our wedding last weekend. My wife barely danced and got up at all because she was caring for the kids and running after them the entire time. She complained how everyone else enjoyed her wedding but her as a bride didn’t even get to dance more than twice. I told her it’s her fault and she shouldn’t bring the kids in the first place especially the 2 year old because she was the one causing the most trouble during the wedding running around the whole time.

My parents also scolded her and told her she’s very entitled for expecting them to babysit the kids while they were having fun at their only son’s wedding. My wife said we are all TAs for not trying to see her point and how we all cared more about our own fun and comfort and we tossed the bride to the side and she feels nobody gave a sh%t about her the entire time. AITA? 

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