“Guide Horse” To Help The Blind Journalist.

Digby is an American miniature horse, and he has been trained as a guide horse to assist a 23-year-old blind journalist, named Mohammed Patel. Digby is the first horse being trained for this in Britain. Digby’s owner, Katy Smith, has been pushing for more rights for those who use guide horses over the traditional guide dogs.

Part of the battle is having restaurants and cafes allow a guide horse in just as they would a guide dog. His owner emphasizes that he wears a device that prevents him from making a mess on restaurant floors.

Says Katy: “The wording of the legislation needs to be changed so dogs need to be taken out and animals put instead, so that will be one of the next steps we’ll be aiming for.”

The law says businesses must make “reasonable adjustments” to accommodate disabled people, but it’s unclear whether a person refused access with a guide horse would have a case for discrimination.

So… what are YOUR thoughts? Should Digby be allowed in restaurants to act as a guide horse?

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