Guy Asks His Girlfriend Not To Eat So Much At His Grandma’s House, Asks If He’s In The Wrong After She Yells At Him.

Family dinners are great. However, in this story the dinner was at a grandma’s place who is financially not doing well. So this boy who was empathetic towards his grandmother explained the situation to his girlfriend which didn’t go well with her. Read the story and help the boy in what he should do. 

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I know the title sounds bad but this is a pretty specific situation so please hear me out. I (26M) have been dating a woman we will call Ashley (26F) for about 3 months. Ashley grew up financially well off and relatively privileged and it has been a point of friction in our relationship with her not understanding/grasping the level of poverty I and my family grew up with. It is also relevant to this story that Ashley is a heavier person and is a very vocal advocate for body positivity and will very assertively stand up to anyone fat shaming herself or others.

The other person who is relevant to this story is my grandma (70). My grandmother is a wonderful woman but she is both very proud and very broke. She likes to have us over for dinner and is an excellent cook but financially she can’t really afford it. She refuses to take any money from me or anyone else and won’t let anyone bring food saying its her responsibility to take care of the family. She also takes offense if you turn down the invitation.

About a month ago we had dinner with her and Ashley liked the food so much she went back for second and third large portions. This is not done by my family, we all take a single small portion, as the leftovers are what my grandmother has to eat for the week so Ashley taking more meant my grandmother didn’t eat for the next couple days.

After the dinner I explained this to Ashley and she was shocked. I tried to bring my grandmother food but she refused the “charity” out of pride.

My grandmother has invited us to dinner again this weekend. Before we went I tried to have a discussion with Ashley re-iterating my grandmother’s financial situation and asking that she try to only take a single smaller portion so my grandmother can have food for the week.

I said we could go eat again after the meal if she was still hungry. Ashley got very angry at this and said “she will NOT be shamed for her eating, she will NOT limit her food and that NO ONE other than her decides when she’s had ‘enough’ food” she also said I was fat-shaming her.

This whole ordeal has highlighted a lot of incompatibility issues and I don’t know if the relationship is going to last but just want some other opinions. Am i in the wrong for asking my gf to limit her eating?

How would you react if your boyfriend asked you this? Here a few opinion on the story on Reddit:

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