Guy Doesn’t Plan On Cutting His Long Hair For His Sister’s Wedding To Conform To His BIL’s Religion.

Individuals want their weddings to have a specific style, which involves not just decorations but also a dress code. They may want their guests to adhere to a specific theme or color palette, but some couples go even farther and may demand attendees to make permanent changes to their appearance. In this story below too a man was asked by his sister to chop his hair short since her prospective husband is an evangelical and long hair for guys is inappropriate. Read the whole story and what do you think he should do?

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I(28m) have a sister (30f) who is getting married in 1 week and a half from now, she and my parents are kinda conservative but nothing too much,except her fiance(33m) is evangelical and really religious. We never got along well and had a lot of discussions, he really disagreed with a lot of me and tried to change me, like for exemple my bissexuality, political views, lack of religion in my life etc.

Well here’s the problem, when my sister announces her wedding i was happy for her despite my problems with her fiance, but when i received the invitation tô the ceremony came a lot of rules like no drinking, no drugs, and men should cut the hair short and have no facial hair, apparently this are evangelical rules her fiance imposed.

Well i have a long hair for a man right now it’s on my shoulders length, and been letting it grow for almost four years now, i immediately contacted my sister and said that I could do the other rules but I wouldn’t cut my hair I been styling for four years over one day for religious beliefs are not even mine.

She started to try to convince me to do it and that men shouldn’t even care about their hair that much, she said that as her brother and a important person in the wedding i would be embarrassing them with my hair and that i should leave this rebellious fase behind especially if i wanted a better job(currently a school teacher and loving my job lmao).

We discussed and fought a lot over the week about it and I ended up saying that if she did not want me as myself I simply wouldn’t go, she said she would take my invitation off if I could not do that.

Well 4 days later she texted me saying I was still invited, apparently my parents pressured her to make an exception for me because she would regret not having me there(I never asked for that they did it on their own). But now both sides are calling me an a**h**e for creating all this drama and my inability for conceding especially my parents who agree with my sister and fiance but think me not going would be worse.



So a lot has happened between my post and now, I want to start thanking everyone for trying to help and giving suggestions, I never expected to get that much attention.

On to the update, I have indirectly caused a lot of drama again, my aunt has two sons with longer hair who would not attend because of the rules, as soon as she heard of the hole situation with me and my exception, she got really mad at my sister, calling her hypocrite, manipulated a lot of things, as she says if I can go she should just take off the hair rule and that her sons had the same rights, now the family started to fight some supporting my aunt and me saying the rules and control are being to much.

Her family and some family members closer to her cut contact and will not attend anymore, this was a shock to my sister, as she already had lost two bridesmaids and 1 ring bearer because of the rules for women.

Well my sister is really depressed over all this and the whole ceremony feels like it will be a fiasco. I also won’t be able to go as I tested positive for covid yesterday.

So that’s it for now thanks for all the support

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