Guy Called Out For Going On Expensive Vacation After Refusing To Help Fund Sister’s IVF.

When family members want monetary support, it is natural to want to aid them as much as possible. However should assisting relatives be a commitment? In this story a sister and her significant other required assistance with an exceptionally private matter which was past their monetary means. She was very astonished when her sibling declined to help, and absolutely furious when she became mindful of how he was spending his cash. Read the story and let us know whether the sibling was right in taking the decision he made.

Source: Reddit

My (30M) sister(34F) has been struggling to conceive with her husband for a few years now. They recently went to a Gyno and were told they likely would be unable to without IVF. Obviously she’s upset about it. I dont know their exact financial situation but she and her husband are both teachers at private schools. They said their insurance doesn’t cover it at all and that they were told it would likely be about 25k all in with the medication and everything. There is no guarantee of success and it could be 25k and no positive result. They asked me and my parents if we could help pitch in and my parents objected due to it being against their religious beliefs.

I’m not religious at all and dont have any ethical objections but that’s just a lot of money with no guarantee so it seems like a bad idea and I’m just not comfortable with giving that amount to a family member. My wife and I work hard and we dont want to potentially throw money away if it doesn’t succeed so we told them no. She was upset but left it at that (at the time) when we told her.

Well my wife and I have always wanted to go to Europe and now that travel is back on we decided to take a trip together. I dont use social media but my wife does and she got excited and posted on her story a confirmation of our flight being booked. Well my sister saw that and then texted me saying how I was a Jerk for spending all this money on a vacation but not helping my own sister have a family. At first I brushed it off as her just being upset at her situation but then today I got another mean text from her. Do you think my sister is right? 

What would you do in his situation?

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