Guy Gets Shamed By Girlfriend’s Parents for Not Being A ‘Real Man,’ Plays Along To Teach Her A Lesson.

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Sorry if some of the sentences feel awkward, I am not a native speaker. I work from home and my job is relaxed and doesn’t require me to be glued to the screen, my girlfriend works in a stressful customer service job and most of her days are terrible. In the 2 years we’ve been living together, I do practically all the chores around the house and I try to treat her to like a queen when she comes back home. However, the one thing I can’t do is be a handyman no matter how easy the task is. A few months ago, the bathroom door hinges needed replacing so I called a friend to help.

Last week during lunch with her parents, I asked her dad about the project he was working on (he does woodworking as a hobby). He showed me the progress on his phone and suggested I should help him with the last touches.

My girlfriend told him that I can’t even replace door hinges let alone help with that. Her mom said that every man should know how to fix things around the house and her husband agreed with her. The remainder of lunch was very awkward, it was like they were my real parents and were disappointed in me for being a huge failure.

After we left, I told my girlfriend that I didn’t expect their reaction. Instead of taking my side, she said that they were right because it was embarrassing that I had to call a friend to help with something trivial.

I reminded her that I get nervous and anxious every time I touch a tool. I admitted it was stupid but it’s just the way I am and has been very honest with her since the start. Still she didn’t change her mind.

I told her that since their idea of being a man is twisted I must share the same view and start working on being their version of a man. I told her that I will stop cooking for her. And I’ll stop doing the dishes, laundry and cleaning. The only thing that I would keep doing is taking the trash out and grocery shopping. So I could focus my time and effort on becoming a man. Did I go too far here? Does she have a valid point?

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