Guy Is Furious After His Mother Makes His Pregnant Girlfriend Sleep On The Floor And Keeps Checking On Her So She Doesn’t Dare To Sleep On The Couch.

Nothing beats being in a relationship and knowing that your spouse will always have your back. And when you’re expecting, it’s nice to know that your tiny bundle of joy is being taken care of as well, whether it’s dealing with unexpected health issues or furious disagreements with your close family members. In this story a son had a heated argument for disrespecting his pregnant girlfriend. Read the story and let us know how you would handle such a situation?

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My girlfriend, “Rose,” and I have been together for 4 years and she is 5 months pregnant with our first child. My mum seemed to really like Rose (or at the very least tolerated her) – but after we announced that we were expecting, something definitely switched in her.

She has become extremely rude and disrespectful towards my girlfriend. She makes passive-aggressive comments at every chance she gets. I’ve had to take a step back from my mother until she fixes her behaviour.

Rose had gone to visit her family who lives far out of town. It was a very last-minute trip, and she drove herself to the destination and back. Unfortunately, at around 6pm, her car broke down and she was forced to pull over. Fortunately, my brother, “Chris,” who’s great with cars and lives about an hour and ½ from where Rose was stranded, was willing to pick her up and sorted everything out. I was out of the country, so I’m grateful that my brother sorted everything out for her.

Chris moved back in with my mum about a year ago. Obviously, the situation wasn’t the best, especially considering the tension between Rose and my mom that exists for no particular reason, but I hoped my mum could put her pettiness aside for at least a night.

It was too late for Chris to drive Rose back home, so my brother told her that he would drive her back tomorrow morning. An arrangement that my mum seems to not like, but one that she managed to keep her mouth shut about (my girlfriend tells me)

Rose helps prepare dinner, wash up, and actually engage in a decent conversation with my mum for the first time in ages. However, they mostly avoid each other. Chris goes to bed earlier, leaving my mum and Rose.

My mum lives in a two-bedroom apartment and since both bedrooms were taken. Rose assumed that she would be sleeping on the couch.

She apparently assumed wrong. My mum gives Rose the thinnest blanket ever and basically screams at her, telling her that she has to sleep on the floor to not “ruin her couch.” She tells Rose to “make do,” with the pillows on the couch and the blanket that provides zero warmth.

Rose thought about protesting, but ultimately decided against it. According to Rose, my mum kept opening her door to check if she was sleeping on the couch, so she couldn’t even try to sleep on the couch.

At 5am, Chris found Rose on the couch and let her sleep on his bed. He ended up telling me, but told me to not make a “big fuss out of it.”

I did the exact opposite. I called my mum, very angry, and told her that she was disrespecting her so badly. She tried to defend herself by saying, “that she didn’t harm the baby,” and “it’s okay for pregnant women to sleep on the floor,” but I Refused to hear any of it. Chris agreed with me, but told me that I shouldn’t make it a fight. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Am I A Jerk In this situation ?

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