Guy Is Told Off By His Friend For Taking His Drunk Fiancée Home Instead Of Calling An Uber For Her.

Have you ever tried to help someone but ended up making things worse? If you’ve never experienced it, now’s your chance, as a man in this story wanted to help his friend by driving his blackout drunk fiancée home. But when his friend found out, he was enraged and believed that the man had other plans. Read the story and how would you react to such a situation?

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I’m 24M. My friend and his fiancée (23M and 21F) were at the same bar I was at (we weren’t planning to meet up there, we just happened to run into each other). Pretty late into the night (about 1 AM) i was outside catching up with another buddy when they came outside and got into a pretty bad fight. I’m not sure exactly what it was about. Something about another girl, either he was talking to someone and getting too familiar, or he gave someone his number, he was pissed and she was drunk so not much either one of them was saying made much sense. He was their dd, he basically told her to f**k off and find her own ride, she said she didn’t want to be in a car with him anyway, flipped him off and went back into the bar.

I went over to her, asked if she was ok and she said she was. I’m not that close with her so I left it at that, she was still with her friends so I figured she was in good hands.

An hour later, the bars closing. I hadn’t been drinking (my work starts at 3:30AM so I sleep during the day, bars are the only place open when I’m up). My buddy’s girl had been though, and all of her friends had left except for one guy who was pretty drunk himself and chatting up this other guy near the bathroom.

I asked her if she needed a ride, she wasn’t really able to form a coherent answer so I took that as a yes. We live in a small town, I know where she lives because I used to get tutored by her older sister back in high school.

I drove her to her house (her parents house, not her and my buddy’s place), gave her sister a call who comes out and meets us at the door and takes it from there.

The next day my buddy starts blowing up my phone, saying I disrespected him for driving her home, and I should’ve called her an Uber, because I shouldn’t be spending alone time in a car with her like that. My other friend who knows about the situation said he understands why I did it, but that there are “implications” now that something happened between his fiancée and I. I think that’s bullsh*t, I wouldn’t hook up with my friends girl or a girl that had been drinking like that, and I’m not talking bad about people who drive for Uber but I think it’d be messed up to hand her over to a stranger, but I’ve never used an Uber or anything so maybe I’m out of touch here.

I need to know if I should text the two of them and apologize. Am I Wrong?

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