Guy Shows Up Wearing Flared Yoga Pants To Defend His Female Coworkers From New Manager.

Employees may suffer as a result of power battles in the workplace. Nevertheless, there is a limit to how much rubbish one can tolerate. This gentleman grew sick and tired of his power-hungry manager exploiting the dress code to “stretch her authority”. So he began flirting with her absurd regulations, stretching them to the point of wounded emotions and staff meetings. Read the whole story and let su know how you would deal with such a situation?

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So I 34m used to work at a popular convenience store (really popular with a cult like following) chain years ago. I’ve always been a bit of a clown but very good at following rules while doing so. After working there a few years and seeing managers come and go we got in a new woman who was just miserable and really wanted to flex her authority.

Shortly after she started she posted the Uniform portion of the handbook in the breakroom and started complaining about people’s attire but clearly took the biggest issue with girls wearing yoga pants. So me being the petty rule follower I am combed through the policy and noticed some things in the wording. The rules stated that yoga pants are allowed as long as the ankles flared and there was no gender designation for these articles.

Que malicious compliance, I and a friend went to Walmart after work and bought me a couple pairs of flared yoga pants (Now mind you I’m not a huge guy but I am chubby and have a big beard). I began wearing them almost every day I worked and especially if she was working. This infuriated her, I would regularly hear her protests and even saw her go to the AGM and GM. Their response was always “I can’t say anything he’s in dress code l.”

This continued for a month tops before she requested a transfer. But what made it even more fun was trolling weird pervert customers, they would stand at the deli area and gawk at the young ladies working especially if they were bent over the hot food table. When I would notice this I would sidle over beside them and give the boys 2 butts to look at before whipping my head around and making eye contact with them. The level of disgust on their faces filled my heart with joy.

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