Guy Spots Two Cars Taking Up Multiple Spaces So Nobody Parks Next To Them, Finds A Satisfying Way To Get His Point Across.

When it comes to how other individuals park their automobiles, it’s easy to lose faith in mankind after seeing what you’ve seen with your own two eyes. If so many people are so self-centered, the future seems dismal. Folks, parking lines are established for a purpose- Make use of them. In this story to teach the entitled drivers a lesson, a Brit drove his car (black) between two automobiles parked across two spots. Read the story and how would you deal with such a situation.

Source: Reddit

I’m sure you can all see where this story is going from the title but let me paint you a picture as this happened not but an hour ago on my way home from work.

Popped into a supermarket on the way home for food as we have nothing in and as I positioned myself to back into a space, I noticed a tiny car park space where not 1 but 2 cars had taken it upon themselves to park overhanging their lines so as to deter people from parking next to their precious vehicles.

Well, for most people, they would have chuntered something about terrible parking and moved on with their lives. Not me! I drive a relatively small car, coincidentally, the perfect size to fit in between the 2 cars with I kid you not, not a cm (less than an inch for my friends across the pond) to spare on either side.

It took me a solid couple of minutes to inch my way into the space so as not to touch either vehicle but I eventually got myself in. Now being quite slim and relatively flexible, I was able to climb out of my window, onto my roof and slide down the back of my car.

Feeling happy with myself I queued up to pay for my items hoping the bad parkers had gotten their just desserts. That’s when I saw them! Through the window by the checkouts the occupants of both vehicles were pacing around theirs and my vehicle, occasionally throwing their hands in the air. 1 couple and 1 family trying to figure out how to get into their cars. This is where some of you may call me the a**h**e and that I should’ve just found a different spot. To that I say, just a couple of spaces along were designated family kid friendly spots with extra room for those with kids.

Grinning from ear to ear I watch as the father of the family is able to back his car out to let the rest of the family in meanwhile the other vehicle had their drivers side millimetres away from my passenger side.

After paying I hastily walk out so as not to miss anything (and to make sure no car keying takes place) and the woman of the couple, apparently the driver is yelling at her partner about how she is going to get in and who would park so close to her when there are loads of other spots!

I walk closer to my car and she clocks that I am the person causing her all of this stress. Trying to hide my Cheshire smile she starts trying to give me sh*t about parking so close when I reply that I am within my lines, it is you that is close to me.

The man of the couple has been silent as I believe he is secretly on my side and is trying to calm the woman down.

“HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET IN!” She exclaims.

She was a plus sized woman and had no hope of crawling over the passenger seat let alone through the boot (Trunk for my American friends).

“I have no idea but try parking with consideration for others next time and maybe you won’t find yourself in the predicament again.” I replied.

With that I hopped in my now easy to access drivers side with the intention of driving away however my phone rang and it was a call I genuinely had to take, perfect timing nonetheless. I sat there talking to a colleague as she started yelling at her man about how he should do something. He continued to try to calm her down and my call ended. I felt like I had had my fun and inched my way back out of the spot. I felt like staying there for longer but it’s Friday and I want to get home too.

For some this is nothing but for me who is very non-confrontational I found this a very satisfying way to get my point across to these entitled drivers. Road rage is dangerous and irresponsible so I find this to be a good alternative.

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