Guy Uninvites Fiancée’s Closest Family From The Wedding After They Make Her Wedding Dress Shopping All About Her Sister.

For every bride-to-be, the dress appointment is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. These few hours are dedicated to making you feel like the most beautiful lady in the world, ready to drink up the accolades and shine brightly like there’s no tomorrow. So it’s no surprise that, as a groom, the bridal appointment is the last place you’d anticipate your better half to return from in tears.

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Last week my fiancée had an appointment at a bridal store. Since her friends are all over the country for work or school and also because of pandemic protocols the appointment had to stay small so only her parents and sister went with her. My fiancée got home from the appointment in tears. She said when they got to the bridal store her sister was looking at dresses instead of paying attention to the appointment and then their parents especially their mother started looking with her and she started trying on dresses herself and then her parents bought her sister a dress. Her sister is single. Not engaged.

The appointment was supposed to be for my fiancée but her sister took over and my fiancée didn’t even get to try on a single dress. When we announced our engagement her parents said they couldn’t help us with the wedding but we didn’t ask or even expect them to. The dress they bought her sister was more then what our budget was for my fiancée’s dress. And her sister isn’t engaged or even in a relationship. Her parents called me a few hours later to ‘warn’ me my wife got emotional and dramatic at the appointment. I told them that both of them and her sister were no longer invited to the wedding because of their actions.

Normally I wouldn’t interfere with my fiancée’s family and if she wanted to overrule me I would 100% support her but she was so upset when she got home from the appointment I felt I had to do something. It’s been almost a week and my fiancée is ignoring her parents and sister’s calls and texts and she hasn’t said anything about re-inviting them even after I let her know it’s up to her and I support her decision. Her parents and sister have been leaving me voicemails and texts saying I’m controlling, out of line, it’s none of my business and they also accuse my fiancée of being emotional, overreacting and being mean to her sister and killing her fun.

My fiancée is the least selfish person I have ever met and I don’t think she’s wrong for being upset at what happened at the appointment. My fiancée graduated medical school in 2019 and began a residency in internal medicine at a hospital in June 2019. We all know about the pandemic that hit less than a year later, it has been very hard, fraught and emotional for my fiancee and her colleagues. I don’t know how they do it. Some days she cries a lot.

My fiancée doesn’t ask for much and while we are not having a big or expensive wedding come hell or high water I’m making sure she gets to be happy. I am furious at her parents and sister. They are my fiancée’s only family and they should be supporting her. Was I wrong to uninvite them when I found out what happened? Does it make me the Jerk if I did it without consulting my fiancée? Did I go too far here? Thank you for your input in my situation.

Also our ages for anyone who is interested: Me 28, My fiancée 28, Her sister 29, Her mother 50, Her father 54.

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