Hardworking janitor becomes principal at the school he cleaned for over 2 decades

Just because you start at the bottom in a job, certainly doesn’t mean you need to stay there.

In Port Barre you will find Joseph Sonnier. For whatever reason, though, everyone calls him “Gabe.” And Gabe’s always a happy guy… more like jovial. And even if something bad had happened, you would see a smile crease his face, and it would assure you that everything was going to be Ok.

Well, back in 1985, Gabe was hired as a janitor at the elementary school there in Port Barre, and the principal told him that “Being a janitor is a good job and it’s an honest living.” But he also told Gabe that he could see a lot of potential in him, and that one day, he could see him as an educator.

It’s pretty amazing what some can see in other people, because 15 years later, Gabe went to college, while still pushing the brooms at the school. It was a tough schedule, and he seldom had time for rest… but he got through it. And in 2008, he received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Louisiana.

After that, he worked on his master’s degree. And then, after cleaning up that school for 27 years, and being a teacher there for 6 years, Gabe got a promotion. He became principal of that elementary school.

He loves his job, and he loves all of his kids, and ya know what… judging by that big smiles he always wears on his face, I don’t think he could be any happier.

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