He Couldn’t Believe His Dog Called 911 Sixteen Times Until He Hears The Recording.

Something wasn’t right. Wasn’t right at all. 911 was called and there was silence. There was another callback, and another… and still… silence. So officers at the Lakeville Police Department in Minnesota were dispatched to where the emergency calls were coming from. They were worried. Someone could be in a very dire situation and not be able to speak.

The officers – Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares – looked in the house. They could not see anyone, just a couple of dogs roaming around. They looked around the house. No one. So all they could do was head back to the station. But before they got back, more 911 calls came in from that house… and still… silence.

So back Michelle and Emily went. They checked the doors. They were locked. And there still was no one they could observe in the house. But that’s exactly where all the calls were coming from. The officers were able to track down the number of the home owner. And he gave them the code to get into his garage.

When Michelle and Emily entered, they were met by the home’s dogs, a hound dog and a Papillon, and they were very friendly. After searching all through the house and finding no one in distress, the officers finally solved the mysterious phone calls to the police dispatcher.

There was an old cell phone on the desk and even though it was disconnected from outside service, the emergency function was still intact. And one of the dogs had been dialing up the dispatcher with its nose or paw. The dialer was probably the hound dog, they concluded, as he could have reached the cell phone much easier. In total, 16 calls to 911 were made by the pooches. The home’s owner was completely baffled by it.

Said Michelle: “He didn’t believe it was the dogs at all until he heard the 911 tape with the dogs barking in the background and you can tell they’re really close. Then he seemed kind of baffled. The homeowner did take the phone into AT&T to find out if there was anything wrong with the phone. They confirmed that there was not.”

Overall, the officers were glad there was no actual emergency at the home. Just a couple of curious canines playing around.

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