He Eavesdropped When His Girlfriend And Her Daughter Was Talking About Him.

My girlfriend just got her kids back from their dads today. I’m quite as excited to have them back as my girlfriend is. Those kids mean the world to me and they have no idea what they’ve done for me, mentally and emotionally.

I have a fantastic relationship with her two kids. They call me dad and never by my actual name. Which I’m not complaining and it felt so natural and never made me feel awkward.

Their biological dad is a very sick narcissistic person and her kids are growing up to see that now. They want to be with me and their mom full time. I’ve had a bunch of times where both kids cried to me in real life and over text that they want to come back and not be with their dad. I’ve felt so helpless but now we’re gonna fight for a custody change and make my girlfriend have the majority of custody.

Anyway, after saying my hellos to both kids when I got home, I went to take a shower. The bathroom is right beside our room and her and her daughter like to watch movies in our room, which I join in on a lot of the time too. After I shut the water off I heard them talking in the next room about me. Her daughter was expressing how I felt more like a real dad to her then her actual dad and that I actually pay attention to her unlike he does. He’s too busy paying attention to his girlfriend and her kids, she said. She also said I take time out of my day to play with her or take her out somewhere for shopping or to get a treat. Her dad doesn’t do any of that. She expressed how much she loved me and wanted to stay with us. My girlfriend reassured her that we’re gonna fight for her. That she loves me too. Her daughter than said how I’m so much better than her dads girlfriend. She doesn’t like his girlfriend. Then she said she wanted to stay here on Father’s Day and spend time with me.

I just melted.

Source: Reddit

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