He Gets A Shock When This Man Pays For His Breakfast.

Source: Facebook

This is Daniel. He sells the Big Issue outside Hillhead library. Each week, I stop and have a chat, give him a couple of quid, if I have it, and buy him a coffee from the place I go to for a breakfast. Then, when I finish my breakfast I’ll usually take him over another coffee and pay for a few in advance (or suspended, as some folk call them) so he can get warmed up when it gets chilly.

Today, I did the same as usual but when I went to pay for my breakfast, the girl in the cafe told me it had already been paid for…… Daniel.

He’d won £20 on a scratch card and decided he was going to treat me for a wee change. As I took a coffee over to him, his face was an absolute picture and he told me that it had made him happy that I’d had a nice surprise and it was his way of showing his appreciation for the coffees and the chats.

If you’re over Byres Road way, take a minute to say hello to him, even if you don’t buy the magazine.

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