He Had To Drop Out Of Uni To Help His Parents Who Were Tight On Money.

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I am a surgeon. I make one million dollars annually pre tax, after tax I make around 550k (almost 46k a month). I grew up poor, I’m a daughter of immigrant parents who came to Canada for a better life for me. All my life I was taught that education was the number one thing. I love my job and I am living the most comfortable life. I am debt free, my parents were able to retire when I paid all their debt and now they are living comfortably just outside the city.

Now the story:

I always come to this family owned restaurant and over the years I have gotten to know the family very well. They are a family that escaped from North Korea and came to Canada for better life for their son. They have one son named Jin. I’ve known Jin since he was 15 years old because he worked at the restaurant to help out his family. Jin is a very outgoing boy, when I come to the restaurant and no one was there we would talk about anything, he loved physics. I’d eat at that restaurant around 5 times a week and every time Jin was there working. Most times he would have his textbook and notebook there doing his homework when he had the chance. So fast forward 3 years. Jin is in university, still at the restaurant working after his classes. We were talking one day and he said that he might drop out of university because he needs work full time and help out his parents, money was tight for them. This was very troubling for me because Jin loved the stuff he was studying.

Then I decided that I needed to help Jin out.

I went to the restaurant a few days later when they were closing. His parents and him were cleaning up. I offered to pay his tuition for all 4 years of university. Jin and his family at first didn’t accept out of respect, I’m assuming. After a couple minutes of them refusing and me begging them to take it, the father started to cry, then the mother, then Jin. I told them that the only contingency is that Jin had to keep an average of 80% on his classes.

Fast forward to 3 months ago

Jin graduated from university with honours. 4.0 gpa. I was there at his graduation and I couldn’t have been prouder

Fast forward to last week

Jin called me and said that he got accepted into University of Toronto’s medical school.

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