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He Lost His Wife After 63 Years Of Marriage. His Reaction To Getting A Puppy Just Melted My Heart.

What do you get a man who has lost the things most dear to him? A Belgian grandfather was in a lot of pain after his wife of 63 years passed away. To make it worse, she had passed on after a terrible struggle with a disease, although at least it was brief. To cap it off, he also lost his dog within four months of his wife passing away.

The family knew that they wanted to do something for their patriarch. Statistically speaking, one of the most common causes of death is the passing of their significant other.

The grandfather received a new puppy, who he has called Snoopy. Even after a man has lost the things that are dear to him, he can always find new things to love and make him happy. This is how you heal a grieving, broken heart, and give him the strength to keep going.

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