“He Loves All Of Our Cats And Is More Comfortable With Them Than He Is With Humans.”

Source: Facebook

We live in a very rural area and have had our share of animals dumped by heartless people. Some we are able to keep and others we find homes for. This pure bred older German Shepherd was dumped on us about 4 years ago. We decided to keep him, named him Shep and gave him food and lots of TLC. But it was weeks before he would allow anyone to touch him. One day I picked up one of our barn cats and Shep ran to me, nuzzled the cat and allowed me to pet him for the very first time.

He loves all of our cats and is more comfortable with them than he is with humans. Our vet says he most likely was abused before coming to us. He has a good life now and enjoys snuggling with a kitten we recently adopted…they are best buds.

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