He Never Thought His Step-Children Would Say This One Day.

Source: Reddit

I married my wife almost two years ago and took on 2 young step kids, and they just started calling me dad on their own. It makes me feel AWESOME. I married my wife a couple years ago, and at the time we got married, her boys were 4 and 6 respectively. They started out calling me Mr. *****, but over the last two years have moved themselves to calling me dad, and it couldn’t make me happier.

Their biological father is more or less a deadbeat who plays Disney dad every other weekend, and when the kids come home talking about all the awesome stuff he does with them (getting them a babysitter, or “letting them” sit in front of an iPad for 3 days until they come home) it can be discouraging, but I just stuck to what I knew, and followed the life lessons I learned from my dad in raising these boys as my own, doing the right thing, and not feeding into the pressure of trying to one-up. Hearing them call me dad makes me smile every time, and let’s me know I’m doing the right things. I love them like they were mine from the start. We have a baby girl coming in a couple months and it feels like our family is just really coming together. That’s all, just wanted to share. Cheers!

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