He Never Thought His Teacher Could Embarrass Him This Way.

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As a teen I was the bad kid in school that always lipped off to the teachers and had a huge chip on my shoulder. I wish I could go back and treat people differently, but I can’t.

In seventh grade I was really into skateboarding, smoking cigarettes, skipping class with my friends, etc. When I did go to class I was disruptive at best.

My music teacher, old Mrs. Greiner, had tried everything to get me to just shut up and leave her class alone. Meetings with parents, detentions, extra homework she tried it all.

Or so I thought.

Every day in between classes there would be announcements on the loudspeaker. What’s for lunch, sporting events coming up, academic achievements, whatever.

On this day, the assistant principal was listing the seventh grade students of the month for different categories: math, science, critical issues and …

“The student of the month for music studies is… (MY NAME).”

I froze in the hallway, sure I was just hearing things. Then my friends starting finding me in the hallway, just roasting me for being such “a good boy” “teachers pet” etc.

I went to music class that day and, with the biggest sh*t eating grin on her face, Mrs. Greiner had the whole class “stand up and give me a round of applause for being such a great student in her class.”

I don’t believe I’ve ever been more embarrassed in my life. Even at 12 I knew what she was doing and that she had just completely owned me.

I behaved the rest of the year in her class and I like to think that taught me a lesson.

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