He Overheard This Mom With Kids Telling His Manager Her Kids Were Hungry. But Is Shocked With His Response.

You might be surprised to read this, considering he is just a store manager. Hardly even a store that works in Silicon Valley! And yet, I think you would not disagree, even if he wasn’t a John Tesla or Tim Cook, that this is the best employer ever.

So, to begin, let me explain how my shop manager seems to most people. He is 6’3′′ tall and appears imposing, but despite his appearance, he is actually a very pleasant guy, and this is how I realized what sort of guy he was.

I’d barely been working at the business for approximately 7 months when this woman strolled in with two little children. One was around two years ago, and the other was about five years ago. The mother was worried, her hair was a mess, and she appeared to have not slept in days. So a woman approaches me and asks to see the shop manager, so I summon him.

I was working at the check out that day, and it was sluggish compared to others, so I took breaks between clients, and I overheard the woman chatting to him. She had fled her violent husband and was living in a neighboring town; she had secured an apartment with the help of a friend, but she had nothing to eat, so she sought him for assistance.

The store manager instructed her to go load a cart with groceries and return to my line when she was finished, as well as to get herself and her children some hot meal from the deli. So she departed, and about half an hour later she came to my line, and when I called him back, he walked up and ordered me to ring everything up normally, and then he pulled out his wallet and paid for the woman’s cart. Then he invited me to his office and told her to wait there.

He asked me to assist carry items to her car and to hand her a piece of paper he was writing on. So he handed the paper to me, and I escorted her to her car. Then I handed her the paper he had given me. She began weeping, and when I asked if she was okay, she handed me the paper. It was just a message telling her he was sorry for her situation and that if she needed a job to help her get by, she could show up in a couple of days, and that if she needed child care, she could phone him and he would help set it up for her.

Needless to say, she arrived, and she is a really sweet lady who still works at our business. This is one of the many reasons I enjoy working at my store, and I feel I have the finest store manager in the world.

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