He Takes His Mother To The Prom After Learning About Her Past.

As much as we sometimes think teenagers only think of themselves, a good number of them have big hearts, and show it with their families, and here are 10 stories of teens taking their family members to the prom.

1. Twenty-some-odd years ago, Belinda Smith of Pontiac, Michigan, wasn’t able to make her prom. Her mom had just died, leaving Belinda and her siblings in a financial crisis.

The money just wasn’t there for her to go and have fun like all her other friends in high school. She told her friends that she didn’t want to go, but she cried every day leading up to the prom… that one that she missed.

Fast-forward a couple of decades… Belinda’s son KNEW why his mom missed her prom, so he asked her to his. She was shocked, and she wanted him to take a special girl to the prom. But, in her son’s eyes, his mom WAS that special girl. So they went, and had a great time.

2. In Rockford, Ohio, 89-year-old Delores Dennison had never went to a prom of her own. Then, her great-grandson, Austin, asked her to his. She declined at first, laughing it off. But her great-grandson persisted… he wanted to share a special life moment with her.

When Delores finally gave in, he sang a song for her, and the two, indeed, had a very special time at the prom.

3. 18-year-old high school senior Mellat didn’t get a single invitation to her prom. But she wasn’t going to let that stop her. She found a much more mature individual to take her…. her dad.

And after posting about it, she received thousands of heartwarming comments.


4. In late 2015, Kerry Huffaker, of Idaho Falls, was diagnosed with a deadly brain cancer. The average survival rate for this is just over a year. Her 17-year-old son, Dylan, could not think of a better person to ask to his upcoming prom… than his beautiful mom.

Kerry, who had lost all of her hair through chemo treatments, told her son that he didn’t want to take his old, bald-headed mom to the prom.

To which Dylan responded: “Absolutely I do. You’ll be the prettiest one there.”

So the mother and son made a tremendous and memorable night of it.

Says Kerry: “I’d never felt more beautiful in my entire life.”

5. 80-year-old James Drain never got to go to his high school prom, because he enlisted to serve during the Korean War. But his 17-year-old granddaughter, Joy Webb, of Albertville, Alabama, wanted to make that up to him. So she asked him to be her prom date.

Says Joy: “I think prom is kind of a big thing for everybody. Most everybody remembers going to their prom and I wanted him to have that experience too.”

What a lovely gesture from a very sweet girl.

6. In Summerville, South Carolina, high school junior Connor Campbell asked his 93-year-old grandmother, Betty Jane, to the prom with him, and she accepted.

While there, practically all the students there walked up to Betty Jane and shook her hand, and she felt quite special. And everyone quickly found out that young Connor was not the dancer of the two… Betty Jane was. Both agree, though, it was the best time ever.

7. 10-year-old Rebekah Spader of South Dakota had battled bone cancer since the age of 6, and it was very likely she would not reach the age to attend a prom of her own. So her brother, A.J., did something about that.

He asked his little sister to be his date at his school’s upcoming prom. The young girl was thrilled and felt very special to be asked to the big dance.

And, no doubt, it was an extremely special time for all family members.

8. Libby, of Buffalo, has terminal cancer, and she never attended her prom as a teenager. But her daughter, Alexis, promised her mom that she would take her to hers. And she kept that promise.

Says Libby: “It’s doing something wonderful. It’s one of the last things we’ll be able to do great together.”

Adds Alexis: “Nobody’s perfect, but in my eyes, my mom is perfect.”

9. Becca and Bryce Lustic are twins born just minutes apart. And they have an incredible bond, always looking out for each other. But Becca would be going to college soon and leaving Bryce, who has autism, behind. She would really miss him. So she decided to ask him to her prom.

Says their mom, Roseann: “I can’t think of a time when she hasn’t had the time for him or she’s dismissed him. He’s always been so important in her life.”

10. Pedro Rogers asked a very special person to be his date for the prom. It was his older sister, Agustina. A few years earlier, Agustina dropped out of high school when she became pregnant, so she never went to her prom.

Their mother asked Pedro to consider it, but he didn’t have to think about it too long; he knew his sister missed out on the big dance, so he was more than happy to ask her to be his date.

Even Pedro’s girlfriend was very understanding about it, saying the two of them could go to next year’s prom.

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