He Was Having Trouble With A Rescued Dog From A Troubled Previous Home.

Buster is a Staffordshire bull terrier that came from a bad home. But, fortunately, he was rescued. Sean Farrell agreed to foster the dog and to see how things turned out while the rescuers attempted to find him a new home. But after just a little time together, Sean decided he could not let go of Buster, so he wanted to adopt him.

Buster, because of his dark past, however, had some trust issues. Every time Sean would come downstairs, Buster would go upstairs… and vice versa. It was only around dinnertime that Buster would get near Sean.

Strangely, Buster didn’t mind being around houseguests who stopped by. But when they left, Buster would again get away from Sean. It bothered Sean, but he actually understood it. So he stuck with Buster through some special training, and he gave the dog the space it needed to cope with the situation.

And after about 2 years, it seemed to work, with Buster now working as a therapy dog. Sean and Buster will often visit residential homes to help others. They have also visited a brain injury clinic in the area. Buster has helped people who suffer from autism, anxiety and social awkwardness.

For all his hard work, Sean decided to reward Buster by building him a small home in the living room, so Buster could feel safe inside it, whether Sean was there or not. Sean didn’t even have any carpentry experience, but he was determined to get it done for his dog.

Finally, it was complete, and Buster could use it as his own little get-away. And he seemed to love it. And soon after that, he started getting comfortable with the rest of the house, and Sean being in it.

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